Monday, October 19, 2015

Bits of Fall

Oh glorious Autumn!  Fall season just doesn't last long enough for me.

This year Gramsie and Pops came for a little visit, so you'll see
them with us in these photos as we spent some time at Marvel Hill and
took a beautiful outing up to the Canadian border.

Smell-good candles, cookie and pie baking, soups, and scenic drives
are on the upswing here (not to mention a lot of raking in the yard!)
as we stuff ourselves up with all the outdoors we can fit before winter :-)

Clayton and Carolina recently made the most scrumptious pies from our Summer Cherries.
The crust was melt-in-your-mouth flaky and the filling that perfect sweet/tart that I love!

Our family has seen bears on three different occasions, as well as much evidence at Marvel
Hill (including but not limited to some destroyed apple trees).  Here is a bear story you may enjoy:

Yesterday we drove up to the cabin and rolling into the driveway Dad says "Oh no.. one of the shop doors is open"

Someone else queried whether we remembered to shut it when we left last time?
"Hmm... don't know."

"Maybe," says Aloria "...maybe a bear pushed it open"

"I don't think so 'Lor" says I "There's a  gaping opening not four feet away where we haven't yet
installed the roll-up door.  I imagine a bear would rather walk through the obvious opening if
he cared to get in."

Alas, upon closer inspection there were three neat dusty paw prints on that door.  A bear had
indeed pushed it open. Well I'll be! Aloria was right. Haha!  Not sure if that means our bear
was a gentleman or trespassing marauder, but while the lid had been removed from one trash can,
it didn't appear anything had been stolen :-)


Nikki said...

The picture at the end is my favorite!Everyone looks so happy. :) That bear story at the end was fun to read. Wow!

Momma Bug said...

It's pretty special to have our own parents visit and play with the kiddos! We sure enjoyed them. What a sweet blessing that they love our people so :-)

Hugs Nikki!