Saturday, June 5, 2010

I reupholstered the children... go with the pillows on the other couch!

Lest you think this is what I do with all my "free" time, remember how short the posts have been lately and how sporadic. 

Off to tame the lions and solve the problems of the world and such!


Andi said...

So cute! Yes, days with little ones are busy and sometimes difficult. But there is a peace deep down in in our souls knowing that we are doing exactly what the Lord has for us as mommies. Keep up the good work! He will reward your faithfulness one day!

Andi said...

Oops! One day when He comes back for us that is... But He rewards us daily as well in the sweet smiles and hugs of our children!

Momma Bug said...

Thanks Andi.
You're right that we don't have the promise of a "reward" here, though often the Lord showers them upon us - perhaps as incentive to keep pressing on?
Who knows! I'm glad for all the rewards, both now and those to come.

Ashley said...

So sweet!