Friday, June 18, 2010

Trout Beware!

This is the fella who says:

"If you want to catch a fish, 
stand by me.
I'm always the guy standing next to the guy catching the fish."

Last night he changed the trend.

I wish I got a "before" picture, because there were two big boys with rain gear, fishing gear, and bear gear, heading out of the driveway in a hefty white truck, and carrying a bucket of worms - in a backpack no less.
Two recently purchased fishing licenses and a pantry full of bulk rice, beans and canned food inspired this evening jaunt.
Isn't it nice that a guy can get out for a hike in the woods and some man-time with a buddy all in the name of providing for his family?
It's a win-win situation if you actually bring home the bacon fish!

I am still in awe that Uncle Char and AJ were able to drive up the hill, hike in to a lake minutes from our house and CATCH fish.  I am dubious about the part where they fished in the rain, but what do I know.  Uncle Charlie didn't catch fish this time around, but I believe he was responsible for the fish that my children caught reeled in the other day.
Poor AJ.  When he showed me this beautiful Cut Throat Trout, I teased"

"Awe.  That was nice of Charlie to let you reel it in!"

We laughed together.  Thankfully he's secure in his manhood ;-)

A little slab of butter in a hot cast iron pan, some salt and pepper and a few good fish stories later, I reaped the full benefit of being a fisherman's wife.

Well done Love!

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JENNIFER said...

My hubby loves to fish too, usually coming home empty handed. He also installs toilets! Love, love, being the wife of a plumber.....