Wednesday, June 9, 2010


There's been some sun in between the rain, and because of all the rain, there's been lots of mud and puddles.
Because of all the puddles, there's been a bumper crop of frogs!

Because of our guests and the neighbor cousins, there's been a bumper crop of children too.....

Our guests and friends from Colorado:

Then we loaded up to drive up the hill for a hike.

 (AJ's Idaho rig)

There were 3 mommas, 3 dads with babies on their backs (me with a baby on front), and 9 little hikers.

The forest echoed with laughter and the bubbly sounds of joyful camaraderie! 

And then back.

The lake was pretty and even though Zack found a leach that would make a blood-letter proud, it took only minutes for the mosquitoes to drive us out!

Ah... tuckered out and ready for a good nights sleep!

Havin' a bit too much fun lately to post a lot of words, but I hope the pictures tell the story!
Say what?  No pictures of Yours Truly?
It's true.  I was behind the camera  the whole time, but here's a couple picture that Zack took of me a Bryce not long ago.

 The end.

...for now.


JMB said...

I love the pics, it looks like a wonderful hike. When you have time, how about a garden update?
Your friend in Texas,

Momma Bug said...

Alright Brenda, will do.
It's been so rainy and generally cold that the seeds haven't wanted to germinate! Some things are finally coming up though and it's all I can do not to check them many times a day ;-)

I am blessed! said...

Looks like fun! You live in a beautiful location- wish we had that out our back door and up the hill. Ha! We don't even have a hill!

Momma Bug said...

We do. We are so blessed and so thankful and so amazed!
And there are quite a few hills ;-)

Deborah said...

I enjoy keeping up with you through your blog. We'll be visiting my parents near Coeur d'Alene the beginning of September. Maybe I can come visit for a day?

Momma Bug said...

Deborah, We would love to see you guys - and I'd like to meet baby girl and hear about your baby shower:-)
Courtney has my email if your serious. It would be fun to get to know ya!

Diane said...

Looks like so much fun! I just bough a ducky outfit similar to the one Bryce is wearing for my friends baby! So cute.