Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Scrumptious First Baby Sister O' Mine

A bona fide grown-up now, with her own scrumptious chubby-cheeked daughter to kiss!

I met her, my very own sister, when I was almost six.
I remember sitting on a really tall hospital bed - so high up that my legs dangled far above
the sterile white floor - when dad placed her into my arms for the first time.
It was love at first sight.
The red-headed little pixie had me at hello!
I wish I had pictures to show you of her flamboyant spunky childhood.  Let me just say that I NEVER learned how to apply lipstick as well as my sister Molly already did at age three and a half.
She was amazing in every way from her freckled nose to her songbird voice.

But now she is an Auntie, a wife, and momma, making her home into a serene kingdom for her family.
We had the privilege to visit my sis and her family in their own nest last weekend, and my heart was blessed.

Here are a few pictures of our time together.

The big guys taught Zachary how to throw a football, and he was very committed!

That ball made contact with his head.
I thought we might not get to see this too many times in the future, so snuck a few pictures:

The cousins together except missing Charlie's kiddos

Uncle Nick - if we could have chosen, we would have picked you!  
You're head and shoulders above the rest.

And we sisters...

I'm so glad for you, you sweet sister you!
Thank you for a wonderful day :-)


Pam... said...

What a blessing to know the love of a sister. I'm afraid mine doesn't. I'm a Christian and that is something she despises. She is lovely and creative and amazing and I wish we could be close.
Enjoy and cherish.

Cinnamon said...

That was the sweetest post. What a dear sister you are!! And a dear friend!

Enjoy every minute~ Cinnamon

J said...

great pics--thanks for sharing. that little girl baby of hers is scrumptious!!

outdoor.mom said...

such wonderful posts! love the Valentines day one. Your art always speaks to me :-) Also great family pics. Such gorgeous photos!! My baby sister is a redhead too and she is 7 years younger :-)

Diane said...

This is my favorite post! Love seeing you girls together. I got to see you for a quick minute. Now I need to see Molly and her family. Thanks for sharing pics!

Love you.

Shauna said...

Are we really old enough to have such grown up baby sisters?
What fun to see Molly's little one!
I don't know if my e-mail is just really snooty or what, but it refuses to accept your address as valid. Could you possibly e-mail me a phone number so I can give you a call? We're thinking about heading Cali' way beginning of march and I really want to see you on the way!