Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Early Spring

..But not in Idaho!

We are gypsies again,
Since AJ is able to work and travel from wherever we are, it is becoming tradition to take a yearly Springtime trek "home" to California to gather hugs from family and see the Almonds trees bloom.

 Actually, we'd rather see Aunties.

...And Grandma's...


And some other wonderful beloved faces, but that's all you get for now.
Just enough to know we're still alive and well :-)

 Love to you!


Shauna said...

Oh 'Lene, how blessed you are to be able to be home! I was hoping to make it for almond blossom time,alas,it's looking more like we'll be heading that dirrection in March. Any chance we could catch up with you, either in California or Idaho? We'd love to see you again!

Momma Bug said...

Oh Yes yes YES!
Wherever we are we must meet up!
We may be home by then, but we have space we can share :-)

Love you!

SarahS said...

Hmmmm, sounds like you passed near us? :) Glad to see you are getting to visit family, how fun!

celt said...

So glad you are "home." We would love to meet up at the park or someplace if your busy schedule allows! I think if I ever left here I would try to make it back for the almond blossoms. : )

outdoor.mom said...

bout time we heard from you ;-) glad all is well!! looks like you are enjoying your trip over there! I pine for that lovely grass your kids are playing on :-) My husband got to meet your Charlie this past weekend!! That was exciting!! Glad he stopped by to meet him :-) He said some guy left a pack of cigarettes on his table and it was there half the day. Then he noticed it and laughed and laughed about all the people who might have thought he was a closet smoker. Hahaha!! Anyway he was glad to meet him. Hopefully we can get them together again Lord willing!!

Diane said...


I was wondering if it were possible you were here when you hadn't posted for awhile. Sometimes I will look over at AJ's parents home when I drive just thinking about you! My heart would be very full to see you, so I hope we can snag some moments together! Call me or I will give you a call!


Cassandra Lonestar said...

I just wanted to say thank you for your blog! It has encouraged me in so many ways!

Momma Bug said...


Thank you thank you :-)
I think of your growing family occasionally and get the updates from Hannah or Julie.
I'm glad you guys are doing well.

Love to you!