Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Greatest of Greats!

Two of my grandpas departed in the last two years,
But I am one of very few who can say I knew both my grandparents.
AJ grew up with both sets of his grandparents,
and we have had the the rare opportunity in our marriage to enjoy 4 sets of grandparents
who were each others life companions.  What a legacy!
I wish my children could grow up with them all, but I know it's a precious privilege for them
to meet and know even some of their amazing Great grandparents.
Perhaps they will get to know the others some day.
I hope so.


LindaFaye said...

That's so awesome to see the pictures of all the kids so happy with loved grandparents. What a happy day for the grandparents.

JMB Ranch said...

Families are such a blessing.
How are you doing these days? Isn't your newest blessing due in May? I am so happy for you.
By the way, it about time to start thinking about the garden!
Your friend in Texas,

celt said...

What a special generational bond! Are those Ben's girls in with your kiddos?

Looks like you are thoroughly enjoying your time "home." Even getting some snow?


Cinnamon said...

Were they playing Chicken foot? My kids played that with their great grandpa before he passed away and loved it. We still play it - if we can find enough dominoes :-)

Beautiful picture of the kids!


Momma Bug said...

(You have to say it with pinache) ;-D

We have really enjoyed our time "home" but have kind of hunkered down to be with family and still try to cover the basics of school.
It has felt like a very full 4 weeks!

Cari- I missed you on this trip.
Those ARE Ben and Kim's little ladies and they are just precious! As different from each other as can be, yet both feminine and beautiful and extremely edible!

We head back to Idaho at the end of this week and we are ready for that too.
The garden, I imagine is still a way off since we have snow on the ground, but I am starting to dream:-)
Brenda, are you familiar with Baker Creek Seeds? Heirloom seeds?
We visited their store in Missouri when we visited that state a few years ago, and just two days ago AJ took me to the Pacific coast via Petaluma where the Gettles opened a new seed store called the Seed Bank. It was lovely, and OH so fun to see all those hundreds and hundreds of packets of seed!

Come SOON Spring!
(and sweet baby due end of April)
<3 <3 <3 said...

AWESOME memories :-)