Saturday, December 31, 2011

The last day

This day may have been the last day of this year 2011 -and we made a holiday of it for sure-
but in all the days of my life, it was counted merely as one more day undeserved by me,
gifted freely and with no obligation by a God who favors me . every . breath . I take!
I celebrate this day on its own merit.  Without pomp.  Without circumstance.  Without any special note except...

Except that I lived it!

Thank you Lord.
And Lord, let each new day your favor me with be embraced as possibly the last.  And be glorified!

Welcome to the coming days of 2012!


Jess said...

You want to package up some of that snow and ship it this way friend? I am SO hot! While you're at it, send some of those lovely blue eyes this way too, and yourself for a drink and about three years of chat we need to catch up on.

Pam... said...

I hear snow is coming to Michigan, but not so far! You look very good, glad to hear from you. Love your post. What a wise sage you are.

Sally said...

Ahhhhh!!! Faces I love to good to get a peek at them again. Darling pix in with the rosey cheeks and snowy background! Happy New Year, dearest Ana!

Cinnamon said...

Love all the pictures. Miss you!