Monday, December 12, 2011

Home Again, Home Again Jiggety-Jig.

We're nestled in our mountain home again. 

Surrounded by piles.
Unpacked duffels, baskets of laundry, school books, snow clothes,
boxes of Christmas decorations, boots by the door and wet mittens dripping ice-melt and snow
into puddles on the floor...
Wood piled up by the stove - consumed in a half-day - and restocked again.

Jackets on the window bench, next to the diaper-bag left there exactly as it was plumped down three days ago.
A few newly-bought storage containers and boxed shelves waiting assemblage...
...near the diaper bag...
...and the jackets...
...using up the last remaining seat on that same window bench.

Vacuum out.  Washing machine in progress.  Dryer too, which makes a bit of a din when added
to the hum of generator, wrestling boys, teething baby, daughter humming,
and something sizzling on the kitchen stove.
Christmas music.

But Christmas music - every genre of jolly, haunting, sweet, inspiring Christmas music - plays softly
behind the cacophony setting a joyous tone...a festive mood...preparing us for celebration!
Strands of lights unravel, bubbly juice put to chill,
evergreen scents fill the air with the entrance of our freshly-cut Idaho tree.

I stop the sorting, the unpacking, the putting away....
to get out the baubles, to hang up a lantern, to light a candle.  I add to the mess, the din, the fun...
weaving lights into tree boughs, stirring agave into 5 mugs of peppermint tea, getting out the Nativity.
Ignoring the piles.

Life gets away from me... one day at a time.  There's much catching up to do, to say, to show; but that will
have to come between the attacking of piles.
If I can slip it in between scissoring, gluing, stitching, and flying glitter,
story reading, advent creating, Birthday party decorating for Jesus!
And over sips of something Christmas-y.
I've missed you :-)


Jana said...

We missed you too. :)

Pam... said...

Good to hear from you! Where have you been? Blogland hasn't been the same. (It's not like you're busy or anything!)

Well welcome home! Thanks for coming over for a visit. (You're one of my favorite people too cuz you're just so cute and 'marvel'ous.

Pam... said...

(Now go soak those feet, relax in the lazy boy chair, and let the kids feed you bon-bons. We know what your life REALLY looks like! Your posts don't fool us.)

Momma Bug said...

Don't tempt me today miz Pam!

Diane said...

I'm glad you're nestled back at Marvel Hill! It was so wonderful getting to sip tea and visit. You made my week that week. I love you. Hope you keep blogging. Blog land isn't the same without momma bug!

Loving you!

JMB Ranch said...

I missed you too! Sounds like your hands are usual. But a blessing at the same time.
Make your memories one day and time and enjoy. When the day is is gone forever.
Welcome back Mommabug.


Cinnamon said...

Reading of all your piles made me smile. We live in a continual stream of piles everywhere. Some days we clear off the pile so we can make more :-/ Call us crazy!

I could almost smell your Christmas tree. One of the best smells this time of year.

Splash a little glitter for me over yonder... and sip some tea for me....sounds delish!

Enjoy every wet, muddy, cold toed, snuggly moment of that crew of yours~