Saturday, December 17, 2011

"Mom, Yer my Buddy!"

4 little words exuberantly uttered in the dark, after handing him "Drankie", tucking a fuzzy fleece all 'round him,
and placing his cup nearby.  The sturdy ticking lump in my chest is forever affected and reduced to a
puddle of goo.  I could die happy and content. right. now.
Those delicious little words make up for every struggle that ever came before tonight,
and will probably cover a multitude of sins for many days (and possibly years) to come :-)

It was a long day.  A good and productive day.  A fun day.
I loaded 7 Bugletts into our snow-worthy 4x4 and hit the town!  We left at 10:30 this morning, and pulled
into the driveway tonight after 8pm.  Whew!
What transpired between those times were as follows:
Christmas shopping,
12 cheeseburgers
Birthday shopping for Clay
A Salted Caramel Mocha for me
6 Peppermint Hot Chocolates for 6 Bugs
Grocery shopping,
A lot of getting into and out of the truck (which may have accounted for several hours of  our time)
Nursing the baby.  3 times.

We encountered numerous raised eyebrows over the course of the day, and none of them pertaining to
the box of glass ornaments we bumped off a shelf, or the 2 hot chocolates we lost on the grocery
store floor before leaving the produce section.

Note to self: experiment was a success.
I now know why 
it was against my better judgement 
to let the kids sip hot chocolate 
while I shopped.

Lesson learned.

One grandfatherly fellow and his elderly mother leaning upon arm, got a real kick out of watching us
through the store ad I'm sure we were good entertainment for them.  Their pleasure about made my day!
Upon meeting up with his wife, I overheard the tickled two as they pointed us out to her:
"She has seven children!"  They exclaimed in admiring awe.

 The mans wife promptly turned and took a headcount, and
smiling with genuine warmth and sincerity she said to my crew
 "I wish I had seven children just. like. you."

 Loaded to the gills, 6 bananas later and another Mocha for ol' mom, a take-and-bake pizza for dinner
stacked precariously on top of the dollar store bags (which were strategically plopped on top
of the groceries), with Christmas carols turned full volume... we turned toward home.
 It was a long day (9+ hours).
A good and productive day (see: full truck, content children, sane mother)
A fun day too.  I really thought it couldn't get better!
But good-night hugs from long-legged big bugs, and 4 little words from my Bryce-boy....
no.  I'm pretty certain it doesn't get any better :-)


Tracy said...

You amaze me, Analene! Merry Christmas to you and your precious family!! <3


Sally said...

Sounds like a wonderful day, Ana Dearest. Wish I could have come along for the ride!
xo, -m

Morgan said...

Every time I read your blog I get a little teary-eyed. You are such an inspiration to me and an example of a loving and real mom. Thank you so much for sharing your struggles and your triumphs here. I want to be just like you, too! :)

Momma Bug said...

I'm just a normal mistake-making mom who wants to glorify Jesus.
It's something worth spending every day of my life refining - failures forgiven, victories celebrated :-)
Thank you for seeing the beautiful parts of my journey and praising Him with me Morgan and Tracy. You bless me!

Mom... I wish you were here too.
You would have really enjoyed watching the hot chocolate/grocery store episode :-) Amazingly we were all able to chuckle, even though I insisted we park our carts around the mess so as to be less conspicuous until I cleaned it up (I didn't have the guts to find the same employee to help me again).
You know my failings better than most, but you are also one of my best victory-celebrators!
Thank you.

Christabelle said...

"A good and productive day (see: full truck, content children, sane mother)" I LOVE this line!

Honestly, I try not to attempt such an endeavor with "just" my five, but I hope I exude even half as much grace!

The comment, "She has seven children!" made me giggle! The last time we headed out and elderly lady and (whom I presume to be) her granddaughter, did a mental count and then asked me, "Are the ALL yours?" I just grinned and nodded. (I'd tease that I borrowed some, but on occasion I actually DO!)

You are an encouragement to me. Thank you so much for giving just a peek into your life. :)

Emmy said...

I love it! That was a day very well spent.
People don't give the mamas enough credit for all they do. :-) I see so many girls and young ladies aspiring to be brilliant architects and artists and actresses, which is all fine and dandy, but I want to be like Analene when I grow up.

Momma Bug said...

Emmy and Christabelle, there is no higher praise I could receive
- thank you so much :-)
You women - every one - inspire and bless me, and I am honored to call you sisters as well as friends.

H0MEFree said...

Seven children would be ssssooo much blessing. <3
I am glad you enjoy it, even if some days are hard, I know you love it.
I wish we had been more faithful and obedient all those years ago but the Lord did bless us with 4 and I try to be content with only 4. Grandbabies are right around the corner with my oldest being 17, so I have that to look forward to also.