Monday, April 30, 2012

Goodbye April

Goodbye April

Goodbye another year older

Goodbye Aloria's baby-hood

Goodbye last bit of winter's snow

Goodbye sledding and goodbye snowshoes.

Goodbye neighbor-cousins

Goodbye short days

Goodbye soups and stews

Goodbye mulled cider scented candles

Goodbye heavy jackets and goodbye drying rack in the living room.

Goodbye crackling fire in the fireplace

Goodbye wood chips on my floor

Goodbye snuggling deep under blankets

Goodbye warm leggings under skirts

Goodbye winter stillness and goodbye cold.

Hello May.


Tracy said...

Those are ALL the things that I LOVE!! It is so wonderful that we don't have to say goodbye to them forever!
Happy May!

Tracy L.

Momma Bug said...

It kinda makes me want to cry, actually Tracy! Especially that "Aloria's babyhood" bit.

I have to admit that I am longing for sunshine - at least, now that there's mud instead of snow :-)

Blessings on YOU precious sister!