Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Aloria!

Dear Bitsy,

I love you so much I can hardly stand it!  Can't really believe it's been a whole year since
you joined our clan; I'm sure I've known you all my life.

Will you please stay this darling forever?
Thank you.


Your day started off with Birthday breakfast cake that Zachary made.  I think you were thrilled to get your
fingers into it :-)  That candle wasn't bad either, was it.

Then your helpers brought you gifts, among your favorite were the beautiful bead necklaces we got you
from the dollar store.  Isn't it amazing how much pleasure one dollar will buy?

 Your big brother appreciated your loot too!

Do you think you'll remember Zachary reading your new book to you all?
I think that was a hit too :-)

And then Gramsie outfitted you in this perfectly birthday-ish, deliciously bright
and sunny party outfit.

You are pure sunshine Aloria and  I'm so thankful to be your mother.  My only request is that you don't grow
too fast, but if you're going to... I hope I'm here to see it all!

I love you baby!



LC said...

What a precious birthday girl amidst a loving tribe!

Rebekah said...

She is so beautiful! I love the picture with her in the window.I so wish mine were 1yr.olds again.They grow up way to fast for mothers that really love and cherish their children!Happy birthday Aloria!!!!!!

Cinnamon said...

Oh Aloria you are pure sunshine just as your Momma says you are. I'm sure you'll even get sweeter and cuter as you grow.

I love your beads, balloons and book. It must have been wonderful to "b" you on your special day.

And you had the best party guests there to spoil you :-)

Tell your Momma to take more pictures of you because you're growing up so fast!

~Cinnamon aka "rosie's mama"

Jana said...

Oh my sweet goodness. She is absolutely lovely. Thank goodness for cameras to capture her in her perfect moments of being 1! Thanks for sharing her with us!

Pam... said...

Yup. Pretty cute. I get tired of saying that. Can you put something on so I can change my comment? lol!

SarahS said...

So darling!!

Sally said...

Thanks for all the pix & video to give us a piece of the birthday fun!
Love you all so much! Sorry we didn't catch up by phone to say Happy Birthday in person, but you know we were thinking of Aloria on her big day, and thinking of you all as you celebrated. Loving you..G-z

Jess said...

No! Surely not! Miss Crazy Hair can't be one yet? how time flies. Missing you, looking forward to an eternity of chats. Thinking of you. Hope you're not missing Charlie and Hannah too much!