Friday, May 18, 2012

Beautiful Exhaustion

Hello Clark Kent - my very own Super Man!

Beautiful days
beautiful children
beautiful moments.

Not always easy, not always witnessed by a momma with eyes prepared to appreciate it
or ears tuned to hear beautiful sounds (which sometimes masquerade as noise)...

More than I'd like to admit, I'm in a hurry for the toys to be put away, the dirt to be washed off,
dinner finished, teeth brushed, cheeks kissed...  Some days - some moments - don't seem beautiful.
They seem plain ol' exhausting!

Here's the thing: exhaustion is not a sign of defeat.  
It's a byproduct of motherhood.
I wish I could remember that more often :-)

Exhaustion does however, bring forth whatever is in the heart.  No more needs said, does it.

Exhaustion and everything that goes with it is a perfect opportunity to draw near to the Lord.
He is the source of true rest. He is the source of patience,. He is the giver of joy, yes. HE is everything!
And He is the source of all these beautiful moments, precious children, and delights for all the senses.
To thank Him is to worship Him - it is most especially worship when it comes from a tired worn out
momma who wants to be more like Him.
I fail.
But there is always this moment now to do-over.  I'm so glad for that!

So today....
Beautiful sunshine, dandilions, swallows swooping through the eves trying to find a place to nest.
Sticks, dirt, butterflies, tousled hair and dirt under fingernails.  Noise.
Failure, forgiveness, grace.
Running, riding, skipping, splashing, digging, swinging, climbing.
Beautiful beautiful life.

What a privilege to be here for these people and  all  . this . life!

P.S.  No.  Those are not my Alpacas :-)


Christabelle said...

Momma, there are days I need the encouragement! I am so thankful we serve a God who is willing to take me, wherever I am, at this very moment! I am also thankful He is the giver of life! You are right, worship is the remedy for a discontented or grumbling heart. I really needed the reminder. :)

Have a beautiful day, and keep enjoying the life!

I am praying and thanking God for you!

Kathy said...

Thank you for the encouragement. It is a good reminder!!

Blessings to you in you in your busy days! You are an AWESOME momma! :)

Pam... said...

I remember those days. I remember 4 in diapers and 4 cribs. At one point I cried out to God and He gave me a song. I would sing while changing diapers and sing while picking up toys...and read aloud tons! I remember going for a ride in the van and just knowing there were all in their seats and couldn't get out for a few moments! I remember no money and creative meals from whatever I could find. Being stuck in the house for weeks on end. A phone call while wiping a bottom and cleaning a mess at the same time!

Isn't it too funny how I look back and think only "good times!". Lol!
God does give liberal grace, that's for sure! Enjoy it. It comes new every morning like manna. Collect it with a large bucket and a big smile my friend!

Sally said...

What wonderful pictures, Ana! Can't wait to see all those beautiful faces in person again!
xo, --m

Marie said...

You, Momma Bug, are my hero !!! Beautiful pics of a beautiful family :)

Jana said...

Gah! That one of Aloria is SoooOooOoo CUTE!

My friend, I so enjoy hearing your heart. It is so beautiful in it's authenticity. Thank you for not hiding the real you. I know we are all tempted to in blog-world. Well, in the real world too. :) the real you is a blessing to the real me!!

Xenia Kathryn said...

Beautiful post, dear friend! I treasure your perspective and your constant-refocusing on God. I need to live in the moment a LOT more!

I hope you all are enjoying the spring :) Much love from Oregon!

SarahS said...

Beautiful pictures :)
"Exhaustion is not a sign of defeat" I love that.

JMB Ranch said...

I love the picture of you and your children. It is so precious. Time will pass and you will only remember the good times! Time passes all too quickly. But remember to take just a little time somewhere just for you. A quiet bath, a cup of tea while you write....just something to give you perspective.
Hugggsss to you,

Cinnamon said...

Hello Sweet Analene~
I could relate to what you said so clearly "exhaustion brings out what is in the heart" Oh isn't that the truth! Often it's just plain awful! My heart anyways.

You are definitely in one of the most exhausting times of motherhood with many littles running all over. Yet you are also in one of the most coveted times in motherhood....when all the children are young and still impressionable. There's still hoe (there's always hope) for making changes, do-overs as you said, praying for joy to be what these little guys see.

They probably seem so big right now and that they should be doing more, but when you look back you'll see how young they were and amazed at what they did :-)

That little Aloria is sooo big. I love her sweet smile. You all have adorable smiles.

Take care sweet friend. Take that bath that Brenda suggested. Draw. Write (me, me me!) hee hee~ enjoy today.

Praying for you tonight~Cinnamon

Momma Bug said...

Dear one and all~

I know you can relate.
Thank you for your kind words. I wish I could hold on to these days a little longer. It's that contradicting season of looking forward to the end of a day while willing the time to slow down. Ha!

A bath sounds wonderful, and Cinnamon keep your eyes on the mail :-)

Love you each!

Me said...

Shared a snippet of your words on my FB page, as a lot of friends I know are struggling through motherhood and exhaustion right now. Your words were beautiful and I had lots of thanks for sharing them.

Momma Bug said...

Dear Hannah,

I'm delighted! And humbled.

Thank you

Diane said...

And somehow you still found time to bless me. Thank you. Check my blog if you haven't already. I love you.