Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The eyes say it all

"I'm helpin' you momma. ...Can't you tell?"

As number 7, she doesn't realize how great she has it. 

My first was diligently trained not to get into things I wasn't willing to put away 30 times a day. 
That's the mother I was 10 years ago.  I'm pretty sure it was the mother that child needed. 

Does this child need something different?  I don't know.  I do know that she gets an older mother,
a seasoned mother, a more relaxed mother... and definitely a distracted mother :-) 

There are things that this season of mothering brings that surprise even me - I surprise me. 
I look backward into the yesterdays of my mothering and I am amazed at the metamorphosis
that has taken place.
I don't know if I'm doing it better now.  Probably just different.
But I'm having fun.  And I like it :-)


Marie said...

How her expression :)

Jana said...

Oh those eyes!! I love her age!!

Cinnamon said...

Yes I think with our first we were a bit more "on the ball" and now there are lots of older ones to step in and keep baby from making messes. Of course play time in the crib cures lots of problems too :-)

She's adorable!


Me said...

Thinking similar thoughts on my mothering lately, how differently and more relaxed I am now vs. 11 yrs ago.