Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My camera came with me to weed the garden... or the Weed Garden.

Am I  "growing a garden this year?"  you ask.


Just weeds. 

But weeds make a good backdrop, don't you think?  Actually, I am finding dirt

beneath the dandelions and plantain which means there's potential for lettuce seeds

to make a home there one day.

Aloria found some quality dirt too...

...though apparently she wasn't thinking "garden soil" so much as "dessert".

(I admit it does kind of look like a truffle.  How disappointing.)

Maybe it wasn't as bad as I had imagined?

Whahoo!  Why you been holdin' out on me so long, Mom?  This stuff is verrrrrrry... organic!

And then there was this girl.

She was industrious in the garden with me, first making some dandelion soup:

Then moving into the wide world of Worm Wrangler!

I'm told that the one on the right there below,   is "the daddy worm".

I don't know much about worms, but I might have to agree with her. That big-daddy is definitely a whopper!

Waaaaaait a minute, what is she doing?  

"Carolina what are you doing?!!  Are you...    Yes.. yes you are." 

Yes she is - she is putting those worms in her pocket!     Eeeeeeek!!!!

Oh and Pill Bugs.  She collected whole families of these things today!

Do you call them  Roly Poly's?

Oh me.

There were others of course, scooting in and out of the garden depending on the

interesting-ness of our endeavors there.

Weed-pulling usually draw less of a crowd for instance, then actual seed-planting.

Do not be fooled by all this green.

It's either honest-to-goodness real weeds, or a couple resilient herbs that have put down roots to stay

- one verdant Lemon Balm is our happiest example and is often pruned back by some

Lemon-Balm-chomping specimen such as this:

More dirt or after-shocks from the last bite?

Well I guess I should be glad that we can grow such GREEN weeds here.  And tall.

Did you see our dandelions?  Ok.  Last picture, I promise.  Look at the stems on these things! Wow.

Don't know if I have a vase tall enough for those Sue, but luckily....

I do have my camera ;-)


Rebekah said...

I wish I just had space for a garden! Nothing like being out in the country to enjoy everything God made!!! Even when its worms and bugs!!! Hope you have a good week!

Cinnamon said...

Hello Analene~ I truly love all your pictures. Post lots and lots and lots of them. They make me smile :-)

We *love* lemon balm. It smells....heavenly.

You know, we usually wait till earth day, to test out the dirt for little ones ;-)

I chuckled at all the kiddos in the garden a zoo filled with monkeys :-) hahaha!

Miss you my friend~ Cinnamon

SarahS said...

What cuties! And what fabulous pics :)

Momma Bug said...

Yeppa. It was a zoo when I broke out the seeds. There was one point I had 6 clustered around me at one time and I'm not thinking I should divy a packet of seeds into that many outstretched hands. YIKES!
Lettuce in the paths, chard in the lettuce, black eyed susans in the chard and parsley in someones lap. Or hair. Or mouth.
I never thought of turning that fenced-in wonderland into a monkey cage.......
I'm seeing possibilities... Thanks Cinnamon!
We're really sad not to see you all at our place this Summer. You too Sarah. AJ almost cried ;-)

Mommy Reg said...

We haven't planted our garden yet either. We have a bunch of wild bunnies that have invaded our garden this year. Hopefully we can get some stuff in the ground soon. Instead the weeds have over taken our garden area but they are not nearly as pretty as yours. Those dandelions are crazy big.

Sally said...

Love the sunshine on those happy faces--you know how all the pix tickle my heart! Thanks, Ana!

SarahS said...

Ah! We are still holding out hope for September, but our prospects aren't looking fabulous in that regard ;-)

I'm imagining what a wonderful jumble that garden would have been :D