Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Birthday Eve Interview

I'm not really surprised that Bryce thinks 
he's turning 8 this birthday.

I've always joked that 
he's like the kitten raised in a family of dogs;
he's confident he's a dog too
and no one will convince him otherwise.

We don't have a lot of mirrors low down in this house
and I've often wondered if 
he'd disbelieve his reflection if he saw it.
Knowing of course,
that his "true" height (as no one will argue) is indistinguishable 
from that of his big brothers.


This season of 2-year-old ness
has been the most fun ever!
His dad and I are both sad to see it go.

It is slightly consoling however,
to think about the wonderful fun and great entertainment
 we'll have next year
 watching a 3-year-old
 be 8.

We love you love you LOVE you!


JMB Ranch said...

What a pricelss video! He is just adorable. Happy Birthday Bryce!!!
Enjoy those cupcakes..yumyum

Sally said...

Love, love, LOVE the interview. Will call in a bit when breakfast should be done!Hugs & Kisses to the birthday and happy anniversary to a wonderful still-in-love-after 15-years couple!

Marie said...

Now that's too'll have to keep us updated on how your big boy likes being 8 :) Happy Birthday Bryce !!!

being molded said...

Precious! Hope he enjoyed his cupcakes :)

J said...

Love it! Little 4 year old E is going to be 7 next year. Sometimes I believe it. Hmmm...
Cutest little guy you have there. Don't you just want to squish them and keep them little?