Monday, September 17, 2012

No Qualifications Necessary

This morning started off rocky.

I'm still working out the kinks of a school routine,
which when educating children at home means
not only book work, chores, and meals,
but also a lot of restarts, false starts, and second chances.

There is also rather a lot of character training
-theirs and possibly more often, mine.

Days that start off like this day did
make me doubt my qualification for this job.
But I'm not a mother because I'm qualified.
I have this mothering job because it was handed me
(quite generously actually)
probably because I'm not (qualified, or even good at it)
and through my imperfectness God makes
something beautiful.
Isn't that the story of redemption?  And it plays out in my life
every. single. day.

Start, fail, repent, restart, falter, forgive, receive mercy,
extend grace, second chance, and so on.

I am reminded by my faithful sojourner
softly, and without reprimand 
for my pregnancy hormones and emotional tears,
that this was never about a flawless system for educating them
(our children)
or a seamless flow of family life, chores, creativity, and learning.

We step boldly (and sometimes gingerly)
into another already sin-tainted day
because we believe these ones who are shorter than us
for only a while, are important people.
People with a character I'm responsible to help shape.
And they're becoming some of the neatest people I know!
Truly, it's a wonder to watch.
THAT is the fruit of faithful perseverance and God's grace.

I get to be a part of it.

In light of all this, I dry my tears and start the next bit of day fresh.
I may not be qualified, but I know what I'm doing and why.


Jana said...

It's a fruitful process, all that starting, stopping, repenting, and starting again. Fruit we can see in your family and fruit for everyone who partakes! Thanks for sharing!

Momma Bug said...

Thanks friend O' mine. It was a hard morning, but probably most to be blamed on me ol' pregnant hormones.
I'm rather prone to burst into tears without notice, and I tells ya the truth when I say that's the meanest part about being pregnant for me: the lack of control over how I feel emotionally. sheesh.

And so that's life. From here I learn to reign in my reactions, and pour out grace and kindness even when I feel empty of those things :-)
Good thing I have such a good Model of such love!

Sally said...

That process is a description of my day--minus pregnancy hormones and children to train. Nevertheless, it is amazing how the process of growing in Him...walking in His grace...stumbling, then starting again...continues to be a moment by moment journey in each part of life...showing us our great need for His amazing mercy wherever we are in this life ....loving you...m

Courtney said...

My dearest friend, What a great reminder to stop and remember what matters, what my priorities are. Thank you for sharing.
Love you!

Cinnamon said...

Well at least you're not meeting the UPS man in your pj's daily :-) Love your outlook and love YOU!

hugs sweet friend,


Diane said...

Well sweet friend, if it helps any, I think you are Amazing and I brag on you constantly. Seriously we're a topic of my conversation about four times in the last week. :) I love you.

SarahS said...

I wonder sometimes. Especially today. Why did You pick ME??? Just sayin, I know the feeling. ♥

I love your positive attitude my friend, you always make me stop and think :)