Sunday, September 16, 2012

Great Friends and Good Fun (as well as a little Getting Farther along on the Ol' Cabin)

I never cease to be amazed that friends come from afar to enjoy our slice of Idaho heaven.
I always expect the novelty of what we're doing here to wear off for everyone else, but they come.  They come to retreat, to play, to escape... they even come just to see us and that is even more amazing!

Last week we were graced by fellowship with our good friends Sarah and Nate and their boys.  I guess it's been a full two years since we saw them last, but we picked right up where we left off!  While they were here I couldn't help reminiscing about my meeting Sarah 16 years ago at a YWAM Summer of Service.  I liked her from the beginning; soft spoken, lovely, wearer of Tie Dye and leather sandals, but mostly I liked that Sarah was not trying to impress anyone.  
I don't remember a lot about that summer, 
but I doubt I could have guessed just how enduring a friendship I had made.

Fast-forward a year.  AJ and I got married and Sarah came from Oregon to attend.  That's when we were introduced to her fun fiery red-headed fiance; and the following spring AJ and I drove to Oregon to attend their wedding.  It's pretty wonderful to share a friendship that can pick up every couple years with additional kids and changing life circumstances, yet the common bond of brother/sisterhood in Christ remains.

One of my very favorite things about Sarah and Nate is how much they enjoy each other, and I appreciate that I can tell.  It's no secret :-)  After 15 years of (sometimes hair-graying) life, it's precious to see couples that are such good friends with each other.  AJ and I are so blessed to call these our friends!

In the midst of Sarah and Nate's stay, came Mr. W. to chip away at the Log Cabin project.
Never a dull moment around here!  
He's to come again at the end of this week when the boys will once again set muscle to labor, 
and then some real progress should be visible.  

What another wonderfully full and blessed time of friendly fellowship, hoppin' busy meals,
late nights, and plenty of coffee refills here at Marvel Hill!

Maybe we'll be sharing mocha's with YOU one day :-)


JMB Ranch said...

What a wonderful time with friends. And the cabin is really coming along. I love watching its progress. I certainly hope to share a mocha with you my friend. Someday...Someday I hope witness your beautiful peace of heaven in person. Till then I enjoy visiting this way.
Huggss to you my friend,

Photo Momma said...

My 2 year old asks, "What those mans doing?" Looks like quite the adventure!

Momma Bug said...

Brenda, we should make a plan. What does next summer look like for you? I'd pick you up at the airport...
Think on it!
I know you're adventurous :-)

Sally said...

Did you say MOCHA??? We'll BE there!...soon hopefully!

Momma Bug said...

Whatever your fine sipping palate desires... that we have - especially for our favorite people!

Can't wait :-)

SarahS said...! Ha! Thanks SO much for having us!!

Love the pics of the guys working on the cabin.