Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fox Quilt for Evan

Finally, the last stitches lovingly sewn
and loose threads neatly snipped
so that my Leap Year nephew has a quilt from his auntie!  

It wouldn't have taken so long except that 
I decided to hand quilt it, and never really knew where I should be
quilting it (in the ditch, following lines, making up a pattern to follow...).
Eventually I dug in with the needle and did my own thing.
Pretty much anything goes when 
Auntie 'Lene sews a quilt anyways and this was no exception!

You are loved O' Evan-Boy
and you can know it every time you snuggle in this handmade
hug from Auntie!


Sally said...

Wonderful, Analene--so creative to use his name that way! Always amazed!

Loving you,

Sandy a la Mode said...

oh beautiful work!!

Sandy a la Mode

Cinnamon said...

Beautiful! Like I said...I'm always inspired to create something when I come visit here.

Miss you! We need a phone call again soon.


Diane said...

Love it! You are so talented.