Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Settling In for the Cool

Fall-ish activities begin to be sought after; and projects creep out from boxes, bins, and drawers.

Felt is the current theme - continuation of a Christmas Stocking for Aloria, and some colored
roving and felting needles for the big girls as they explore the world of felted birds and small animals.

Candles are a luxury I decided to afford our family from early in my marriage when
I could had only a meager allowance to spend  on dollar store fare,
to 15 years later and mulled cider scented candles in a jar

 Lesson learned:
*pillar candles cannot be left burning and forgotten.
*candles in a jar burn evenly and more completely,
  and it hasn't been necessary to clean wax out of the carpet. Yet.

Baking begins.  Both Zachary and I are inspired to bake as the weather turns cool.
Today he mixed up a big batch of muffins (half chocolate chip, and a half batch
dried apricot and cherry) and I baked them one dozen at a time all through the afternoon.

Quiche sounds good, and so does apple pie.  I think it's about soup season too.

After work this evening, AJ donned his fleece hat and overalls to work the excavator
shoveling out a pond.  It's dark now and he's still out there.
Operating equipment is therapy for him, and I never mind when he comes in late,
dirt-covered, and smiling... just in time for dinner.

I'm liking the change in temperature, the depth of the sun in the sky, with it's warm yellow
light, and the occasional fire in the wood stove now.  The boys are almost done filling the
woodshed, and the porch is stocked too.

It would seem that Autumn is really here.


Mommy Reg said...

sigh - I guess I must live vicariously through you. It's still summer here. Fall weather sounds so lovely this time of year. Miss you dear friend.

Momma Bug said...

Oh Jamie! I miss you too. It's been too long since I've seen you, and one of these summer/falls if you guys could just make the fuel to get here, we'd feed you for a few days! Come when you can :-)
Love you

JMB Ranch said...

Thoghts of the cold season is filling me as well. You reminded me of our wood pile. It is in need of attention! Oh, and congrats to the bird hunter! I know he must be proud to help put food on the table. You are truley blessed.

C'est l'abeille said...

Alas, we are still in a holding pattern. Not even an orange or yellow leaf to be found!

Diane said...

Fall has found us, too. Love the weather. Pants and short sleeved by day. Add a jacket at night. Looking forward to the precious family time that this part of the year brings.

Love you friend. Will try to ring you this weekend!