Friday, October 12, 2012

A much-needed detour

Sometimes you just need to take 

Our Fried Egg deviations from whatever "the norm" happens to be at the time
no longer occur every Friday.  Life - the busywork part of it - seems to overtake
most weeks, derailing us from good intentions and the most relaxing kinds of fun!

Occasionally though, we take a Friday holiday from the norm 
and call it a Fried Egg Friday.  

To us, that means nixing the busywork and embracing the creative juices.  
Making time to try a recipe or get out the paints.  
Stopping to take in the scene, allow pieces and bits to cover the floor,
drips and dribbles to happen, and life to flow without interruption of business.
And we do have Fried Eggs for breakfast :-)

Zachary tackled two batches of Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread,
and I whittled away on (meaning consumed) some Carmelita's I made last night.
I actually used leftover caramel sauce instead of candy wrapped caramels
because we dipped orchard-picked apples few nights ago.

Double Mmmm.... :-)

In addition to all the kiddo craftiness you see above, 
I ate lunch in the quiet of my own room sitting cross-legged on my bed.
I chipped away on a book AJ's been wanting me to read
and as I always do,
appreciated the brief slice of solitude.

Peppermint tea today.  
It's all I could justify because of all the Carmelita's I've been taste-testing :-)
There was a fire in the woodstove,
reading beside it this morning,
Granny's applesauce for a morning treat.

A Fried Egg kind of Friday is a nice way to finish off the week.
I'm refreshed and  ready for the evening din.
That bit of creative and restful fun,
prepared my heart and soul to enjoy the weekend ahead.

What about you?
Did you do anything spontaneous today?



Jana said...

What a lovely day! And more to come!

Momma Bug said...

Savin' the best for last, girlfriend!

Cinnamon said...

I love your creative juices. They inspire me.