Thursday, May 2, 2013

Finishing a Season

I thought May was supposed to bring flowers.  What's the deal with snow?

As flurries of white descended on us for one last wintry Hurrah,
the day found me and the Buglett bunch wrapping up winter our own way.

Out came the backpacks, duffles, bags, and bins.
Out came the vacuum and broom.
Rags swished, washing machine whirred, bags of trash left the house.
Spring cleaning, you ask?
Perhaps of a sort.

For the past weeks our senses have begun to crave warm spring air and bright colorful
hues.  At the same time our hearts have turned to thoughts of home in Idaho.

There's been a buzz here - a constant hum of all the plans for Summer: fishing, hunting,
nature-journaling, swimming, fort-building, excavator-driving, camp-fire roasting,
rock collecting, hiking, cabin-building, berry picking and pretty much every thing that
makes summer synonymous with childhood!

Finally the dates are upon us for our transition from winter nest in Colorado,
to the season "As-long-as-we-can-stretch-it" at our home on Marvel Hill.



It sounds so good.

Cleaning, sorting,planning, purging, packing...  that's what fills our time in these
first white days of May.  As usual when I pack for our hoards, I imagine what
the Israelites must have felt when leaving Egypt.  Even when "keeping it simple"
there's simply a lot to do (and turns into even more when I discover how much
my pack rats have been filling the corners of their rooms with!).

As winter is having her "last hurrah" blanketing the landscape one final time,
so we are on our last hurrah scurrying to and fro, gathering our stuff, and tying up
loose ends to complete this season.

There will be no plunder of neighbors, or loading of camels, but with our children
and belongings we'll take to the road.

And when we do,

I'll breath a sigh of relief.


Jaclyn Hicks said...

Safe travels home....

There is no better place than home.

Cinnamon said...

What a wintery good by you are being given. One last good snowfall :-) I'm sure your bones are aching to soak up some good ol' sunshine.

I think you have a bundle of sunshine right there in your home with all those beautiful smiles.

ADORABLE Miles is just filling out ever so sweetly. He has a pinch of each of you in him. I bet you just smile wide when you look at him.

Enjoy your wagon trail ride home~


Jess said...

Ahhh, those Miles eyes!

Momma Bug said...

Yeah, the sleeping part really resembles AJ :-D

But his eyes... can you believe his eyelashes curl up?!!

Yep. I'll be keepin' this one :-)

Diane said...

And Miles will meet Marvel Hill at last! Loving you. ;)

Momma Bug said...

Well Miles met it today Diane, and he wasn't too impressed. :-D I think that's how 4 days strapped into a car seat affects a fella!
Hopefully tomorrow he'll be a bit more mellow (that's more in line with his personality I'd say) and get a full tour.
He has lots of enthusiastic siblings!