Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A New Look for Miles

My darling bundle of delight with a head  of hair the color of his mothers.

Once it began to thin and some bald spots to show up, I knew it was time.
Time for baby's first haircut.

A particular sweetness this time around, was that the daddy didn't begin his usual
hints and prods toward that end.  He thinks our little guys especially, clean up to
a new level of handsome boy-ness once the first wispy locks are removed.

I... well, I just can't bear to let go.

I took a good week to get up my gumption.
Then I decided to play barber while Miles' dad was out of town so we could surprise him.

"You know you're gonna love it mama!" says Miles

Oh My!  How patient you've been Miles-O.  Don't look so worried....

You look just dandy!

Oh darlin'~  Is it possible to get any cuter?

It turns out there wasn't much to let go of other than a few shocks of stringy hair.
We had nothing to lose :-)
My boy took the whole undertaking in stride, and his daddy was thrilled!

{Thank you, my sweet Susanna, for taking all these precious pictures!}


Cinnamon said...

I love it! He is so adorable, just like all the others you have hanging around your house :-)

First hair cuts are hard when they have heads full of beautiful hair aren't they?!

Do you save a bit of his first hair cut? I did with our first son and some of one of the girls I think. See, I can't even remember now ;-)

Great pictures Susanna!


Kathy said...

He's adorable.

Julia said...

awww...he looks adorable! I love his eyes!

Sally said...

Oh dear! Oh dear!!! Half way to little boy-hood already! I am dying to get my chance to hold and cuddle before this short season is past and our Miles is too busy with trucks and robots and keeping up with the other sibs to sit and snuggle with Grams. Hugs to you, Ana! --m

Diane said...

Time flies doesn't it? Glad to see you in a pic too. ;)