Saturday, July 20, 2013


Late nights
late mornings
sleeping on top of bedding and not in,
neighbors, friends, visiting family...
berry picking, bug catching, running barefoot and skinning knees,
devouring books, soaking up sun, consuming loads of ice...
this is summer.

Whatever the variation, one constant theme remains through
the years of summers, and that is
the lake.

This lake is just a couple miles from our house and is one of those
little known secret spots tucked in the heart of heaven-on-earth.

Just a tiny beachy boat launch, a dock, and a couple canoes.
What could be better for my tadpoles and fisherpersons?

It's been a new kind of lake experience this year because my four oldest
are big enough to skim the surface of the waters by themselves.

In go the tackle boxes, worms, and poles.
In go boys with high hopes.
Usually, they come out with fulfilled ambitions.
If not, there are always plenty of fish stories!

Some days back, these daring explorers donned goggles
and went to the the depths below in search of lost tackle.
Their efforts were rewarded (see picture below),
though note the precarious perch which was chosen to store this loot.
Not a mother-approved location, particularly since we actually have
places to keep things like three pronged hooks with barbs...

Alas there may be a day when ten year old boys don't live here
(I don't see that coming for another dozen years or so at least)
and I bet I'll miss finding piles of tangled rubber worms and fishing line :-)

I'm so glad I have fishermen.

Fishing is deep in the blood.
Some of my favorite memories with my favorite people are fishing memories.
I guess I have a few fish stories of my own :-)

I'm glad my children got some of those hand-on-a reel genes.

You know it's a good summery summer if I can't bring myself to the
ol' computer to dabble.  I've even left my camera behind on a few excursions!
With some moments to myself this evening ("myself" includes three other
small people, but that's actually almost lonely at our house. HA!) I thought
I'd bless the Grandma's with some pictures.

 Grandma's, we love you each so much.
Thank you for the legacy you've given us to pass on ~ of precious memories
and sweet times together. You knew how to do it!

We're learning.  Love you :-)

With a full heart,


Marie said...

Feels like I'm right there with these pics :) That's some mighty sweet little people you get to hang out with! Take care :)

Momma Bug said...

Thanks Marie!
I always appreciate your visits and comments. I spy on your summer days as well. How blessed we are!


Tricia said...

great photos and perfect summer fun.

Sally said...

Wow! Long legs is right! Those kiddos are really stretching up this summer. Thanks for all the sweet pix. . . a grateful Grams

Jana said...

Wow, that picture toward the top of Clay and his fishing pole! He looks like a young man!

The Munck Family said...

Summerness = loads of fun and lots of memories!

I love this post such a wonderful reflection of your heart and family!

Kellie said...

I LOVED this post. It filled my heart right up. What a beautiful family you have, and right in my own beloved stomping grounds!
I'm so happy you found my blog, and we must meet sometime!


Me said...

How I wish we could spend a day at the lake together...