Monday, January 12, 2015

Wowzers - LIFE!

What more can I say?  It has a way of going on even when the blog is silent!

Here's a little catch-up on the tail end of 2014:

Our first slumber party at Blue House.

Then we kind of settled in - paint swatches, wall spackle, school work and all.

There was some Monopoly with breakfast.

Thanksgiving with the Cousins.

Miles (21 months) flying big brother's helicopter all on his own!!

A big sister and a puffy-eyed baby in a newly painted kitchen.

Our annual cookie decorating party.

As one of my sharp ones put it: "It's somebodies first time every year!"
Haha!  Rather astute I'd say, and here' that somebody this year. :-)


A sleeping beauty.

Some Christmas visitors, and maybe just a leeetle bit of work at the kitchen table.

And then, "Good Morning Christmas!  Happy Birthday Jesus!"

Stocking #9 was completed just in time :-)

Emerald's first Christmas, and big smiles with all her special gifts.

...Snow for Christmas...

As this little journal entry has gotten a bit picture-heavy,
I'd better defer the last days of 2014 to another post :-)

I just love cozy indoors, candles and Christmas lights, cups of coffee with dark chocolate
and whipped cream. Staying in jammies all day and heaps of children on top of my bed.
Add snow and you have something really wonderful!  It was a season with memories to
cherish.  Just lovely.


Anonymous said...

As always I enjoyed every picture. The cookies looked so delicious and your home soooo cozy. Thanks for sharing all your cuteness with us. Your little ones are all growing up. Your littlest one ADORABLE!!!!!!!

SarahS said...

So much light and life and love <3 Precious. And where does one even begin on the adorableness scale? :D Thanks for sharing!

Rebekah W. said...

I too enjoyed seeing all your pictures! Looks like everyone is happy and healthy and had a wonderful Christmas! I love how you painted your kitchen ,It looks so pretty ! Take care and have a wonderful year!

Cinnamon said...

Just lovely! All of it. The colors in the kitchen popping out everywhere (oranges, bananas, bright flowers) sooo pretty Analene.

The kids...oh my....they fit right in there.....home ♥

I loved seeing all the activities going on and special visitors you had. That's always fun to share your home with dear ones.

Emerald.....she's all grown up! So beautiful. Love her stocking too~

And you my dear friend, look radiant as ever. The Blue House looks good on all of you.


Cathrine said...

Love your blog! Makes me so happy! 😃tanke for sharing.

Brenda said...

The pictures were wonderful. So glad to see a new post and catch up. Blue House is just beautiful. I love the colors and the kitchen is really nice. I love the red chairs. So nice to see all of the smiling faces and the joys of the holidays.

PUPPPsMom said...

Makes me homesick for y'all! Love the one of Lor on the pillow. Precious.

Julia said...

Merry Christmas to you..what a beautiful family! I love your newly painted kitchen and your stocking are amazing. God Bless. xo

Marie said...

Love.every.single.pic! Beautiful your new house :)

Grace Cartwright Aspinwall said...

You don't seem to age! You look beautiful and so happy! Your kids are beautiful!!!