Thursday, January 29, 2015

Mama Has a New Toy

~ My beloved bought me a much dreamed-of camera
last month.  (I chose a Cannon T5i, for those who may ask).
Additionally I've had the privilege to take an online course
from Ashley at Under the Sycamore, who's blog I've enjoyed
and photo's admired for several years.

The course has been self-paced and really well suited to me -
a complete novice in the operation of Manual photography.

Now that the course is about over, expect to be inundated with
more random pictures than you ever bargained for!  I need a
place to stick some of my favorites and I guess this is it.
I know the grandma's won't mind, and hopefully it won't be long
before I can tell a cohesive story while capturing the images I've longed
to improve technically.

I have a looooong way to go, but for now, be regaled.

Don't expect too much from me, as there are about 200 photos for
every one.  I just hope all that talk about practice making perfect
is even half true.  I'll happily settle for pretty-better :-)

For you
grandma's, with my love~


Cinnamon said...

LOVE your photos! Your new camera has turned the kids into superheros, flying through the air ;-)

It's wonderful to capture life. Spilled Cherrios look better when reflecting back on them anyway - haha!


Momma Bug said...

And also because there was no spilt milk to cry over in this case ;-)

Alicia said...

Awesome photos, Analene! Just Awesome!

Rebekah W. said...

Such awesome photos! Beautiful colors and cute kids! Ill be waiting to see more!

SarahS said...