Sunday, January 25, 2015

The last batch for 2014

The last week of 2014 went out in a flurry of after-holiday fun.

We so enjoyed the impromptu Christmas visit of AJ's folks who stayed long
enough to celebrate Clayton turning 12.



My parents made a mad-dash visit and arrived the day following!
It was lovely to see them in person and to give and collect long overdue
hugs.  Mom got to meet Emerald and we realized it had been more than
a year since our last gathering  Not so long between visits in 2015 I suspect.
My brother Ben is getting married in May and I would love to be there to
meet and welcome my new sister into the family :-)

My biggest ones... how they are growing.  And yes.  They are outside building
snow forts in the dark.  What's life if not frozen to death?

My beloved crew of merry-makers.  How grateful I am.  So so grateful.
Thank you Lord!

And now I can post some of the pictures accumulating fast in 2015!


Anonymous said...

Your little girls are looking more and more like you all the time. Beautiful!! I LOVED seeing your whole family together picture. I thought the building forts outside picture with the house all lit up behind was GREAT!!! :) Our children LOVE to sled after dark with buckets put out with tea lights to light up the path. :) We don't have much for snow yet this year though.

Brenda said...

your beautiful children are growing so fast! Blue house is beautiful and the snow made it even more so.
Happy Birthday to your oldest!

Momma Bug said...

Nikki and Brenda, I keep peeping in at your places too and my heart is warmed to see the hand of the Lord in the midst of your days. Thank you for saying hello to lil ol me :-)

Cinnamon said...

Analene....oh how much our kiddos are alike. Forts in the dark? Of course! Haha! Usually followed by hot cups of cocoa, warm, snuggly jammies and red rosie cheeks :-)

Your blue house in the it!

12 ----- yes --- I tell my girls it's the age of hormones "bubbling up inside them" and they just look at me funny and I just smile.

Love all of fun going on and living of life~