Thursday, October 29, 2015

34 Weeks: On the Count-Down!

Either I've finally acquired thick skin, or perhaps this pregnancy
isn't as prone to emotional melt-down from the commentary of complete
strangers who feel compelled to address me.

I am so thrilled to be only 6 weeks away from my due date because the nesting
urge is setting in, and I can put my hands to work at preparing a special
spot for this babe while my heart dreams of being on the holding side.

Since I was 5 months along, folks have been asking when this baby is due.

My answer generally stirs up a response of surprise, and for the last 3
months I've looked forward to being as close as I've felt all along :-D

Susanna took this picture of me today after we got home from a grocery
shopping expedition.

While waiting for the last of our produce to be bagged, the checker asked
how many children I have.  I told her this is my tenth.  In the course of kind
exclamation, she generously said I didn't look like I could have ten children
(thank you, oh thank you!).

She told me that she had a good friend growing up who was second of fifteen.
The oldest was seventeen when the fifteenth was born - no twins!

Well... wow.

There's always a story to put your own in perspective, eh?

And then while I was loading bags into my vehicle, yet another woman
asked my due date.
"Not until December"  I smiled.

Her eyebrows raised visibly.
"You look like you could pop any time!" she said.

Thanks.  And that's exactly how I feel :-P


PUPPPsMom said...

I've said it before, but I'd love to say it carry your little ones so gracefully. I've always thought you looked lovely while pregnant. Love you, friend.

Cinnamon said...

Well popping or not you look as radiant as always. Before you know it that sweet little babe will be nestled in your arms and you'll be on the holding side of this marvelous adventure.

The last month is always the hardest for me as I wind myself up into thinking it will be "any day" and until Grey, early never quite came for me. The best advice I ever took was to rest and enjoy. That's what I did with my last pregnancy. What a difference it made. Of course hormones can visit whether you're reclined in a chair or sweeping the kitchen but I found them much easier to handle reclining :-)

New babies bring change in all the best ways.....God does meet us where we're at and floods us with His grace and mercy....each new day brings a new beginning and with it the opportunity to be refined and molded.

You just rest dear friend. Rest and smile and enjoy those little hoodlums that are so dear to you. Someday you'll be sitting by their sides waiting to welcome their new ones into the world.


Momma Bug said...

Thank you dear Jana~

Momma Bug said...

Cinnamon, Thank you for that. I am putting my feet up as I can, and have some willing foot rub-bers who bless my tired feet often! I am feeling less emotional the further I go, and am constantly thinking of the privilege of being me. Of being the recipient of so much. So much.
Too much for words really.

Thank you again~

J said...

Wow, you have your hands full! Are they all yours???
You do pregnancy well. Still have all your teeth? LOL
Love, Jenny

Nikki said...

You look amazing ! It won't be long and you will again be holding a brand new babe in your arms. There is nothing so sweet as the smell of a new born. Miss it already. So happy for you!

Courtney said...

You look radiant! So happy for you my sweet friend!
Love you,

Melissa said...

You look wonderful! And yes, you are certainly very blessed :).