Saturday, October 24, 2015

~Sweet Carolina~

Turned 8!

Oh my heart~  beautiful lovely girl.  My little goldfinch, I call her.

She is the one who never complains, sits on a branch in all her
golden glory and chirps happily away no matter the circumstances
surrounding her.

She never presses to get a word in edgewise, but if given the chance,
she is full of thoughtful ideas and a surprising amount of spunk - even
some dry humor!

Carolina is the one who looks most like her dad as a child - prettier though :-)

Lina loves yellow, but is expanding her preference to include blue and green.
It's a little hard to peg exactly what her likes and dislikes because she's so easy
to please.
It was a bit of a guessing game to understand her hearts desires for birthday
this year.
She did request dinner at a new Mexican restaurant for "Birthday Eve",
so Dad and I took her and enjoyed her all to ourselves while she packed away
the chips and salsa.

In the morning there was just the right amount of celebratory hoopla as she
examined gifts, soaking in every piece of her day.

Green glasses hand-picked by Aloria with Grama :-)
The three biggest boys gifted Carolina with a lovely little Blue Opal ring.
Susanna and Olivia put together a lovely box of yellow things - a daffodil
teacup and saucer, a handmade crocheted  necklace, a journal and hair bow...

Then we went to the park to meet friends and try out a very special new toy:

It had been sunny and warm the day before, but Carolina's birthday was
pretty chilly and very Fall-like.
This fact didn't seem to deter the children from having a ball!  So I wrapped my
sweater a little tighter and braced myself for another hour.

Chocolate cupcakes with green frosting and sprinkles. And for dinner that night, tacos.
When it comes to food, she seems to know exactly what she loves most!

Please Carolina, can I take a few pictures of you before the sun sets?

Happy happy birthday to my darlin'est and dearly beloved Carolina Truth!

We love you precious girl!!


PUPPPsMom said...

Sweet Carolina. It's sure fun to watch her grow. Has it been 8 years since we met? My oh my.

Marie said...

She is so precious....but all of your children are :) Happy Birthday to sweet Carolina!!!

Momma Bug said...

Thank you ladies~ I'm so thankful to have the privilege of sharing my family with you!

Diane said...

Man right years has flown by!!!

Love you!