Monday, July 7, 2008

Birthday Boy!

Zachary Christian

Seven years old today!

Zack with brother's gift

His first Bible!

Clayton getting into the spirit of the occasion:-)

Making cupcakes with Auntie Em

Party with Smith's - celebrating Kaidn's 6th birthday as well

Trying out birthday gifts

The first flights were short (and I wouldn't have wanted to be a passenger on the plane when it landed!), but there were a few good ones.
Quite to my amusement, the few decent flights landed in the street, in the tree, or...
ended like this one!

OUCH Clayton!!!

Sometimes the best flights are the do-it-yourself kind:-)

Ending the evening with a cartoon (a FULL couch!)

Girl time! (Two sets of sisters)


I love you Buddy:-)

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Faith Alterton said...

Happy Birthday, Zachary! Looks like you had some yummy cupcakes!