Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Reply to Comment #5

Well this might be a little odd, but I am going to break out of the box as I feel inclined:


Thank you for posting on your blog. I look forward to glimpses into your life even if I have to wait as long as, say... a month!
I must say that you don't disappoint a girl who waits (except perhaps for not posting pictures of Cancun yet!), and your pictures of Brittany are beautiful!
I'm only slightly jealous that I didn't get a photo shoot like that! Where were you to make me look that good at nine months pregnant?

I really want to toot your horn for you - please post more pictures because I'm sending my friends over to your site to see some of your work.
I'm very proud of you!!

Molly Hightower (aka "Picture Sister") is my dynamic, daring, dramatic, lovely and talented, (though those don't start with D) and did I mention dramatic? (You can actually read drama in the written word, so I have been discovering!) ;-P ...Sister.

Aren't I lucky?!

So anyway Molly, I would have called you before now...and Mom ...and Heather ...and and and...
except that our phone here at the house really doesn't work most the time.
But (drum roll please) my very own cell phone is soon to arrive in the mail and I will be entering that class of classy people who get no peace and remove everyone else's!
And the upside is that I might actually be reachable for a change:-)

So there you have it.
I think you guys should come up and check out our new digs. Nick would LOVE it I think, and there is a ton of great fishing in the area, of course!!
I imagine YOU will be more inclined to honor me with your presence when there is indoor plumbing, but I wouldn't count on that any time soon. AJ has been chatting with Mr. Smith in Iraq, and "the boys" seem to think a shooting range is a higher priority!


You know, on second thought...
We did find fresh bear scat down by the creek... those guys may have my blessing!

If the indoor plumbing is a while in coming, we girls can go to town -which is just darling and touresty, and has lots of cute stores and fun places to eat (VERY PICTURESQUE!! hint-hint).

There's one store we drove past several times called Eve's Leaves, a womans clothing boutique. I've been wanting to go check it out just because the name is so fun!

Anyway Sister... I can't wait to see your pictures of Cancun!
I hope to hear that Brittany is safely delivered, and that
your new job is going well.
I love you lots and look forward to seeing you in about two weeks!

Lotsa love,


The Diane Story said...


So, I will be the first, maybe? tell you that Brittany had her Baby Boy this morning at 2:41am. Mom and Baby are doing great. Britt is just VERY tired. His name is Culton Huston Hibdon. I don't have the weight and length yet. Molly's been with Britt all night and day, so I don't know how soon she will be on here, but I do know she will be thrilled to see your post!

No indoor plumbing? I don't know if I could handle that!
Well friend, have a blessed week. I am leaving for vacation tomorrow so I will be away from blog land for a bit!

Love ya,

Morgan said...

I'm so glad you've updated!!

I think I may have met your dad in Costco today. He said he had 7 kids and 7 grandkids. Is that right? And, I think I might have met your brother and sister-in-law another day, same place. They had a son named Judah (I couldn't forget that one) and a little girl. I would have felt silly telling them I knew who they were from your blog. haha! Although, I have heard about all of them from my grandma. :)

Are you guys planning on moving soon? The property is gorgeous!

Faith Alterton said...

Ok Analene, I can sympathize with you on the renovation priorities. Outdoor facilities would be more exciting to them for sure. But how's the winter up there in ID? Are we talking going outside in the snow???

Momma Bug said...

Yeah, that is my thought too Faith!
And then what about a future pregnancy?
Hmmm. rather not think about it!

Actually, we're toying with spending the six warmer months out of the year at that location.
At least for immediate purposes.

I told AJ that indoor plumbing is my main request (not criteria) if we move up there.
Even if it's not conventional.

Have you ever heard of a composting toilet? The sound of that doesn't really trip my trigger, but if you get a wild hair, you can see what that possibility would look like! :-)
Love ya!

Uncle and Auntie Hightower <> said...

THANKS FOR THE POST SIS!!! You guys are crazy! BUT...I AM VERY EXCITED FOR YOU!!! LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU...I will write more later k...I am sooo tired. I love you always all of you!
Love sis<><