Tuesday, July 8, 2008


...Lip Balm, that is!

Emma and I are tag-teaming our posts, so if you want some more of the scoop, you'll have to go to her blog:-)

We made lip balm in my usual half-hazard style: no exact recipe.
However, it turned out great!
Besides that, we bought these cute little tins to put it in and made labels to boot!
Emma put her labels on the lids of her half of the batch, and I put mine on the bottoms.
You can see here what I put on the lids of my half! (I love it!)

We used one part beeswax to roughly three parts coconut oil, then added peppermint essential oil.
In some batches we tried adding honey, but it wanted to separate, so wasn't the best outcome.
In a few batches, we added cocoa powder and it was an agreed success!!

I have to tell you that this is the first lip balm that has stayed moist on my lips without making them peel! I don't know if it's normal to peel, but I'd resigned myself to being a strange anomaly.
It's nice to have something that works, feels good, and looks nice.

We didn't mass produce this time, but after having it turn out so well we're inspired to make more!

we called it "Sisters" just in case a couple or three other's want to join us in our ventures (hint-hint!)

For more pictures, see Emma's post here,
and just wait girls...
we're bringing it home to share!!



SarahJane said...

Fun idea and cute pictures! I have thought about making some myself....good Christmas present idea. Where did you get your tins?
I am always keeping up with your goings-on. Your new property looks very lovely. Reminds me of some areas here in the Portland area....very beautiful and green. We will have to chat one day soon and catch up on the details that a blog doesn't quite allow for :)

SarahJane said...

p.s. all you "fedorko" girls have certainly been blessed in the creative talents: your photography is wonderful on top of all your other artistic abilities!

Anonymous said...
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Momma Bug said...

Thank you dear Sarah Jane!

The tins came from an online store (can't remember the name off the top of my head, but type in "lip balm containers" and you come up with quite a lot!)
Same with recipe's.

The tine we bought were about .36 cents apiece and have screw tops.
We are pretty pleased with them:-)

It would take a life-time of practice and talent to measure up the the Cartwright girls!
It's a good thing the Lord made us each unique:-)

The Diane Story said...

I love your tins Analene. Looks like this project was a success! How fun! You should give Molly one to send my way...that way I can try your success!

Mommy Reg said...

These are so cute! I agree with Sarah Jane, you girls are very blessed creatively.

Sara said...

Analene these would make great gifts! I love the embelishments you put on top of the lids. You could also do butterflies and all sorts of decorations. You could mass produce them if you wated to and sell them on etsy.com. My roomate makes kids quilts and sells them there. I would definately buy some. They would be great party favors for bridal showers and baby showers too. Anyways I'm glad they turned out and you girls had fun! God bless.