Tuesday, July 15, 2008

From Afar


I meant to say good bye, but didn't have a moment to sit and type in the midst of packing for our trip to California and Idaho.

It was a long drive out West, but well worth it to see our beloved family.
Unfortunately our stay here is too short, and we'll be heading to Idaho in a couple days when all our worldly goods have been loaded into trailers to be carted North.

Will we be moving to Idaho?
Umm... I still consider us gypsies -just gypsies with a place we own again (thankfully!).

For now, I am trying not to pine to loss of my computer for a month, and be thankful for the adventure of trying to get our new retreat fixed up for our dwelling comfort (did I mention that a toilet would be nice?!).
Char and Hannah's family, Travis, John T., and Jon and Jana are all trooping up there with us for a week of work and play. I am really looking forward to enjoying our time together:-)

Please promise to come see if I'm still alive in about four or five weeks! I look forward to getting into a new swing, and practicing my journaling once again.
Until then, please pray for our family that we would glorify our Lord in everything we do.

He is very faithful!



Mommy Reg said...

So... um... do I get to see you while you are here? I really miss you!
I am going to miss you more while you have no computer. :( I am praying for your trip to be safe and without any catastrophes. And that you get your new place up and running quickly.

The Diane Story said...

Analene...no blogs for a month...what I am going to do!? So thanks for lip gloss...you rock and I love it! Mommy Reg said I was a lucky duck to get one!

I will be praying for you and can't wait until you will make regular visits on blog land once again!


Faith Alterton said...

Enjoy your travels, my dear. Sending wishes for speedy drives with minimal pottybreak needs. And enjoy time with Hannah for me!

Suzanne said...

Missing you; can't wait to hear from you again! I pray all goes well and that the Lord blesses you all mightily.


heidi said...

Praying for your travels, pleasing sounds while on the road, and that you settle into your new home and fill it with a ton of love!! ;o) Heidi

Katie said...

Sounds like a great adventure! I hope that our paths will cross soon or we can make it up to see your new place.You make me want to move again for something new and exciting. Let us know when you are coming through Reno, we are a very easy potty break from the freeway!

Love you,