Monday, March 22, 2010

Are you tired of looking at those last few pictures yet?  I'm sorry to say that I have more from that Ocean trip that I'll be imposing on you!

Not yet though.

I can't imagine how, but I managed to forget what a Chico Spring does to me. It's one of the loveliest places to be for Springtime, but when the Walnuts and Oaks bloom... I mean to tell you, I'm about decommissioned.

Woe to Allergies.

In happier news, my little sister Molly and my brother in law Nick are expecting their first little Babe, and the three of them along with dog-baby Calli came for a visit over the weekend.

Despite allergies, there's scarcely a better way to spend the first day of Spring but with a piece of Bidwell Park, and some Ice Tea at the local tea joint.  Follow that with a Big Al's chocolate shake and you have something REALLY special!

  The only thing to top that is to sprinkle in some Char and Hannah, so...

Today we had the privilege to introduce our little 6 month old Bryce to Great Grandma F.

Ode to Springtime!


Shauna said...

Oh 'Lene, you make me miss Chico! Enjoy it enough for the both of us, okay? That pic of Molly and Carolina is stunning.

Ashley said...

I agree with Shauna, the photo of Molly and Lina is beautiful!!!

Looks like you all are soaking up every minute and having a great visit!
Maybe when everyone here is well, we can set up a park date! Will you still be here after Easter?

Diane said...

Love to see you and your sis together. And I know she loved getting to spoil those nieces and nephews!

Love you Analene.

Katie said...

Love the pictures of the blossoms. I miss Chico dearly in the springtime:-( Still praying everyday that God would move us home. Soak in every ray of sunshine for me!