Wednesday, March 24, 2010

No OneTold Us We'd Have to EARN our Free Ice Cream!

We got to Ben and Jerry's yesterday but when we arrived I heard somebody (who shall remain nameless) ask if it wouldn't 
"just be easier to go somewhere else and BUY our ice cream?"

I told him that person:
Someone's got to teach our children to FIGHT for what's free!"
(or something like that).

So we did.

It's kind of nice that Ben and Jerry only offer free ice cream cones once a year.

*Little Girlie-Bug Cousins*


Diane said...

This picture is seriously too cute for words! So I will leave it at that!

Photo Momma said...

Too cute!!! Who made/bought the dresses?

princessmama said...

That picture is so awesomely cute!!!

I think I would've been one to suggest buying the ice cream elsewhere, lol.

J said...

The matching dresses are delightfully adorable!!! I love matching! I love cute dresses!

I love you too. :)


petersonclan said...

So how do you earn it? I live in a bubble and don't know the details.

Ashley said...

...loving the ruffle on those leggings! and the wearers are adorable. :)

Momma Bug said...

Haha! You "earn" your ice cream by fighting a crowd. That can be hard work as you know - especially when you bring a good portion of the crowd with you!

Gramsie bought the girl's matching dresses at Costco (good ol' Costco). I can[t believe she found all the sizes she needed though ;-D