Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Celebrating Olivia

Today I am struck by how quickly 4 years passes.

This little lady hasn't discontinued her love for purple, but has embraced the rainbow. And if you could imagine that rainbow with some sunshine and ladybugs thrown in, you'd know my Olivia!
Very much like her Grandma in so many ways.

If you know my family, you might recognize a strong likeness to one particular Auntie here. Chatty Cathy, get-up, and posture:-)

Speaking of "get-up"...

I took Olivia for a date earlier this week and thought I'd let her choose a fabric for an easy gathered skirt.
She chose 2 fabrics (with no hesitation about what she liked) .
You can't see the top tier in this picture, but it's the ladybug print in green.
She couldn't choose between the green and the blue, and I just couldn't see it in my mind, so I chose the red to make a 3rd.

Daughter - I think you're wonderful!

I love you Miss Olivia Honor!!!
Happy Birthday:-)


Diane said...

Happy Birthday Miss O!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love all the pictures. How a neat Pink cowgirl hat!

Pam said...

As my teens would say.."Schweeeet!". Very fun.

princessmama said...

Happy birthday Olivia :)

Love the outfit :)

Grace McHugh said...

I love her taste in material and in pink hats! It just needs more bling and I would wear it. :) You make birthdays very fun, dear friend. :)

Katie said...

Love the dress. So pretty.