Thursday, July 1, 2010

Meeting Baby

My last week was full of becoming an Auntie again.

Molly and Nick were ecstatic (and relieved) to finally welcome their little one.

A Girl!

Lydia Grace.

I was so fortunate to meet darling Lydia, and I will vouch for her delectable sweetness - she is truly a beautiful baby!  Molly looked radiant and serene; Nick is prouder than proud.

Well done Sis!  She's a keeper ;-)


Shauna said...

What a joy 'Lene, and how exciting to get to be there to meet her! Next to my own babies, getting to meet my sister's little girls was the most precious thing in the world. I hope you get to see lots of her as she grows.

Jana said...

Thank you for posting pictures! She's a beautiful little one. Makes my mommy heart ache to hold a new little life. And Molly can be done with PUPPPs now! woohoo!

Diane said...

Lydia is so precious. I can't wait to meet her. I am very glad you were still around to get to meet her. How special. :)

Ashley said...

I was wonderin' if that's where you ran off too, and hoping for some pics of the BEAUTIFUL little lady. :)
Congrats to Molly and Nick, and all the Aunties and Uncles and Grandmas and Grandpas!!! She is so precious!!

Haha Jana, that is funny (about the pupps.). :D

Ashley said...

Analene, what day was she born?

Jess said...

Oh fantastic! How wonderful.

LindaFaye said...

What an awesome baby. Lydia. I love it.