Thursday, January 27, 2011

continuing to document Fall Color travels...

I keep trying to post pictures our trip to New England last October.
It's a little anti-climactic now, but I'd be so sad not to have these pictures
in order somewhere!
Enjoy looking back to October with me, or at least have patience
while I chip away at ordering these memories.

Day 12  Visiting precious cousins in Ohio

This little guy (AJ's cousin's son) looks SO much like Zachary did at his age!

Day 13  Columbus Zoo
and stayed at Delaware State Park in Ohio.

I thought Ohio was beautiful!

Happy little traveler!
It was a WARM day in October for the Zoo outing

Polar Bears


Warning:  This is one of those tear-jerker movies.  However.....
It makes me laugh every time!  It just so happens that riding the Carousel
was Carolina's idea and the other kids joined her because she had talked mom
into it.
So, I wonder if she's scarred for life?

All was not lost, because we finished the day at Jeni's ice cream shop.

There were some strange flavors.
In fact, I think they were pretty much ALL strange flavors!
I tried a couple, but I was very happy to see my children choose
Chocolate and Mango.  Aren't the sprinkles wonderful?!!

Jeni's had a super-neat chalk board on their wall and a pile of chalk.
We left our mark.

We love you Jeni's!  Even if you put fennel and pepper in your ice cream!


Courtney said...

So I think it is kind of mean to end your post with that yummy description . . . and me with no ice cream:) It looks like you guys had so much fun! Love ya, Courtney

Kristin said...

We grew up in Ohio. Great memories there. Thanks for the pics to take me back:)

Momma Bug said...

Was it the Star Annis with Candied Fennel that got to you?

SarahS said...

Hmmm, I think I would've been tempted by some of the strange ones (although, not the anise and fennel one) ;-)

Beautiful pictures:) I love the one of Carolina at the table. (Joshua was very sad for her when we watched the video)

LC said...

A post well worth waiting for! I'm with you. Life sometimes dictates that my posts don't make it to my blog in chronological order. But up they need to go as a record of my retirement, although I rarely have photographs as appealing as yours. Have a great weekend!

Momma Bug said...

Jeni's is the Jelly Belly's of ice cream. I tasted some of those exotic flavors and they tasted just like what they said they were!