Thursday, November 3, 2011

And now I give you... The Larch

Have you seen Larch?  Also known as Tamarack?
It's a deciduous tree that blends right in with our evergreen, yet loses it's needles after
turning the mountainsides brilliant shades of gold!  The birch are done for the year...
behold The Larch.

Okay.  I know y'all must be tired of tree pictures, but I'm trying to entice family and friends to visit.
We happen to think this one of God's most beautiful countrysides anywhere, and the pictures are just
for proof :-)
In other tree news, we're still putting away firewood.  There's more logs to be cut, rounds to be split,
and split wood to be stacked under cover.  The boys have been working very hard (mostly) at this
job, but I've been getting out there to raise the bar on pace.  It's nice to have a reason for putting on
the ol' overalls and hoodie sweatshirt (I "borrow" my Great Guys' because it's a big, comfy, already-stained
hug I can wear and be warm while thinking of him).  I should wear some kind of gloves, but I don't.
That might change tomorrow because my thumb finally got in the way of a hunk o' wood I was stacking.
Thankfully it gashed my cuticle pretty good so it bled like the dickens.  If I smash my thumb it's going to
hurt, so it may as well bleed and LOOK like it hurts HAHA!
There was a bit more to be completed, but that curtailed my career in firewood for the day.
Hopefully the weather will hold off on snow a while longer so we can fill the woodshed and be relatively
certain of warmth for the entirety of the winter months :-)

One last fall picture:  a moment I spied when I walked past the window some weeks ago.


Cinnamon said...

I love that last picture best. Daddy's with their children are the best pictures!

You have beautiful country there!! I love the trees, mountains and vivid colors sprinkled all over the mountainside. Beautiful!


SarahS said...

Wow, love the Larches:) Not tired of tree pictures at all! And that picture of dad and kiddos-too cute!

Gloves are a Must for me when doing fire wood. Too many splinters etc. And I Totally agree with you-if it must hurt it Should LOOK like it hurts, Lol!

Love you,

Momma Bug said...

I had a feeling you would relate Sarah. Thanks ;-)

Mommy Reg said...

I love the tree pictures. Keep them coming. :) But by far hands down my most favorite is the last picture you posted. Would love to just pack up and visit, sigh, maybe someday. :)

Momma Bug said...

Dearest Jamie,

Consider yourself (and all your clan) invited :-)