Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I call this one: "Bugletts in Leaves"


Sally said...

I've been hearing about the day playing in the leaves. Sure enjoyed seeing all the pictures & joining in the fun thru the lens of your camera. Loveyou!

Charlotte said...

These are great photos! And too cute.

My daughter has the same dress and was looking at these photos with me and was excited to see it.


outdoor.mom said...

i am having so much fun catching up on your blog!! i see you went and got the apples - bravo for you guys! great pics :-) aren't they delish?!? today i looked at a house before work and i really liked it - please keep praying for Gods perfect plan in it all. Don't want my "liking" something to get in the way of Gods plan.... it will be so much fun to be closer so i can come visit you again and vice versa!! Your kids are so adorable and your baby is growing so fast!! Got a full weekend ahead as we will be processing that gigantic elk :-) thinking of you!! hugs to hannah and all the cherubs!!