Saturday, November 12, 2011

There're some things I want to remember

Will I?
Probably not.  I can't even remember what I open the fridge for lately.
But Bryce?  The sayings of Bryce are worth plumbing the depths of my memory
(my memory becomes a murky deep after only hours... or less).

I am of the belief
that life would be about perfect if I could keep
a 2 year-old boy in my home for all time!

Here's why:

"Shall we go get Aliyah Mom?"

"Hi Aliyah!  You wake up?"

"Would'jue fill my cup please?"

"I don't LIKE potatoes."

"Will you help me open this mom?"

I'm duhnna do dit my drankie!"

"Can I go outside?"

"Dat's a RAY-ben Daddy."
"Yes Bryce, that is a raven.  Can you say 'Ray-VEN'?"
"I don't want to say... raven."

"Can you tickle me Daddy?"

These sayings and thoughts spatter bright splashes of color on our days,
and the big brothers and sisters are able to grin with me
as our eyes meet over the fuzzy little head of our favorite wee man!

He adores (and I do mean that) adores his tiny sister.  He notices the
moment she enters the room on my arm, and then grabs her attention
with a hearty laugh and a cheer!  It's a piece of  Heaven I tell you.
These are the good ol' days, and I will miss them when they pass.

Yesterday I went outside for a "few" minutes.
I left Susie and Olie in charge.
I returned to hear tales of the littlest brother sitting at the table eating Big Sis's candy suckers.
(I guess a "few" minutes was "enough" minutes)
What did I say to that?

Good for him.

And maybe that ncident will create some special motivation for actually watching our little booger
when I put them girls in charge.
That could be nice :-)


Pam... said...

N if I eat yer suckers, den you need to deal wif it too, den Analene. Your gonna haf to hide em or I'll fine em. And I'll eat em all up. Or I might share em, but only if I wanna.

Cinnamon said...

Now that is just too sweet! You've got some keepers there :-)


SarahS said...

How Sweet he is with baby sister!!! I Love those pictures:)