Sunday, December 23, 2012

Cookies, and Test-driving my new Christmas gift

-A new laptop! (Thanks Love) And I'm thrilled not to be motoring along on a machine that
threatens to eat my photos at any moment, and won't let me do other things it used to be more
accommodating about.
To try it out this slick new contraption, why not another blog post?

After the initial move-in that neccesitated more shopping than my children really appreciate,
and slowed a bit with the arrival of couches, happily we moved on to things more Bugglett-approved.

So now a few pictures from our annual cookie decorating tradition.

Our tradition is honed in to three cookie shapes: Stars to remember the light which heralded Jesus' birth,
Crosses to reflect on the reason He came, and Christmas Trees because... because they are fun to
 decorate :-D

I have learned (though it maybe shouldn't have taken me this long) to give my littlest ones
only ONE cookie to decorate and only a FEW pieces of candy to put on their creation.

Why?  Because it goes like this:

Candy goes on.

A piece gets tasted.

Candy deemed quite wonderful.

Next, candy on the cookies come off for tasting.

Frosting on fingers now.

Fingers must be licked.

Frosting deemed worthy of more tasting. 

Why stop at licking fingers?

Heck.  Why stop at frosting?

And you begin  to see why one is enough :-)

The big ones, they are becoming quite proficient and are able to decorate cookies beautifully,
quickly, without much mess, and can complete the rest of the batch in the times it takes one
of these little hoodlums to "decorate" one!

In the end, everyone got to taste-test some cookies and lick some fingers.
And once again the event was considered a success!

(And I think the maiden voyage of this computer is considered a success as well)

Merry Christmas Eve Friends!


Cinnamon said...

That was one big sticky & yummy blog post :-)

Such a good idea. I will have to try that out, the one cookie. I'm sure our kiddos eat and lick the same way yours do :-)

Aloria...oh my....she's getting so big!! Wasn't she just born? And her's getting so long.

Soon she'll be the big sister :-)

Merry Christmas Eve!


SarahS said...

Mmmm! Those cookies look great :) We decorated cookies with the cousins and had some cookies which were more candy than cookie ;D

Diane said...

I went easy on myself this year for the annual Girl Scout cookie decorations and just made plain, round sugar cookies and let them decorate with Christmas colored frosting a and candy and sprinkles. Still yummy and fun...less work on me. And since I was flying out the next day, I have myself a pass. It worked. No complaints. Still fun smiles!