Monday, December 24, 2012

Home-Christening: Guests from afar, Friendly faces to warm our winter home.

Nothing breaks in a new house like having your first company.
Given the fact we had only mattresses when we moved in three weeks ago,
out of town visitors were just the push we needed to get some bath towels
and bedding together.

Our beloved friends from Missouri graced us with their presence, their fellowship,
and lots of fun that culminated in a last-evening open house for other precious
friends in the area.

It was a unique experience to be reintroduced to so many familiar faces by hosting
this shindig.  There wasn't any doubt our Missourians were much loved, as I think
the guest count numbered nearly 60 when the evening was out and we sat tuckered on
our new furniture thinking over the nights event.

I decided that if we ever build a hall tree, it's going to need a LOT of branches!
And where do we put 50 pairs of shoes when we have guests?

What a wonderful way to break in our new digs!  Loads of friends - ones we know;
ones we hope to know better - and the privilege of sharing this space with people
we love and enjoy so much.

Thank you for staying with us Friends!  We are so thankful for you each.

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