Sunday, December 30, 2012

Of Potty Trains and the Like

I have put my foot down.

With chagrin, I admit I have not followed through with potty training for
my youngest boy.
That is just the humble confession of a mom who does not have it as
figured-out as she'd like.  In cases such as this, I'd prefer you didn't know.
However, it's reality.

Well. No longer.  I'm making a royal effort as of today (letting the diapers run out is motivating!)
 and if you believe God cares about such things, please put in a good word for me.

Personally I suspect He's having a good laugh right about now!

Anyway, I was standing in the bathroom waiting for my little feller, and his tiny sis
waited expectantly outside the door.

I said to her "Aloria, you may come stand here beside me if you'd like"

"'Ainks" she says grasping my skirt.

 And then turning to that big brother of hers in cheerful earnestness she chirps

"Hi Chrice!  're You a Train?"

In case this is lost on you, I believe she picked up on the fact that we are
"potty training".  Oh my!

Okay God.  I give you permission to laugh!  We might as well laugh together :-)


Diane said...

Oh my. My bestie is potty training her daughter right now too. I get to be the supportive friend cheering from the sidelines for all of you. So....go Analene and Bryce! You are doing good!

Aloria is too stinkin cute! Love you!

Mommy Reg said...

That is so hilariously cute! Good luck with the potty training. My least favorite stage I think.

Momma Bug said...

Ugh. I love the "stage" just not the potty training!

Missing you both :-)

Emily, wife of Jeremy said...

Any tips on potty training a boy? I would REALLY like to have my almost 3 year old boy trained (he's my first son) before #5 is born in May. 2 in diapers I can handle (and have numerous times) but 3. Oh no! My budget really says NO. : )

Melissa Robbins said...

Yep--some are easy and some are hard--but they all take time. I thought the one day "help them get it" approach helped. In any case--the grace which you brush across the snapshot of your new year projects is the key to it all. Thanks. Sure love you guys.

PS Rose said, "she's SO cute" when she saw Aloria--she is SO cute and aww, we haven't even met her!! One of these days we'll intersect. Until then, you keep on blessing me. These days through Ella who tells me choice bits from your photos or writing!