Thursday, August 7, 2008


And I missed you, missed you, missed you - each and every one!

I will have to catch you up on all the Summer going's-on slow-like, but suffice it to say, it has been a fantastic vacation!!!!
We arrived to our Colorado home at 2 am this morning, and I'm almost through the laundry (not counting sleeping bags and pillows which will take another three days!)
We have lots and lots of pictures, stories, and anecdotes.
I'm hoping that some sleep will revive my lethargic mind!

For a start, I'd like to know if it's common to find empty bullet casings inside your washing machine?
That is a sign of boys in the house if I ever heard one, though I realize that it could be much worse -in fact... yeah.

Until my next post, I leave you with a little pick-me-up: this is Olivia demonstrating why her new bloomers were a good idea!

She makes a good case for them, don't you think?
I mean, what if a girl needs to lay upside down on a riding lawn mower with her boot clad feet in the air?

Love to my very precious family and friends,


Mother Hen said...

Hi Momma Bug! I'm glad yer back! I missed you, too!
Sweet bloomers. I still need to sew some cute ones for The Princess.

Faith Alterton said...

Oh, that ker-chunk, ker-chunk, ker-chunck of mystery washer findings! Too funny! And love that lace on the bloomers. Good to have you back, my dear!

The Diane Story said...


I was SOOOOOOO happy to find your comment on my blog today. I've been checking in on your blog to see if you were back, but hadn't checked for a few days. Then I went to my blog thinking "I really need to write something" and saw I had a new comment. From you! So sweet.

If only I had your little ones to inspire me on what to write. I am thoughtless at the moment.

2homeschool said...

Ahhh, nice to have you back... I am not sure you have me back yet. I haven't had a momment to blog in forever.

Hopefully I will soon, I have some fun pictures to share.

Can't wait to hear all the tails.