Friday, July 24, 2009

And I Shall Call Him...

"Barney, mom! It's BARNEY! The boys found him for me!!! It really IS him!"

{Barney himself}

Susanna squealed through the screen door this morning.
Upon closer inspection I reacquainted myself with the venerable Barney and received the fuller account of his return.

Susanna "found" Barney on a tree a couple months ago and promptly addopted him as her "pet". Where she got the idea I don't know, but then she's four. Four-year-olds can come up with almost anything.
I had felt a little bad for Barney because I wasn't sure how much loving a guy his size could take, but Susanna assured me that his buggy beetle shell was like armor. Sure enough he proved to be one tough bugger!

I have also had a few guilty thoughts regarding my daughter's "pet" depraved condition that she would have to resort to bestowing her affection on a tree beetle. Alas, even after dad and I "saved" the life of Barney by insisting his release that evening...
He has shown up two months later for more.
It must be a good life for a bug!

In the words of Zachary:
"Weirdly enough, mom, he seems to recognize her."

{My darling daughter: Proud pet-owner of a... Barney Beetle}

I agree with the "weirdly" part, and am impressed by how a girly-girl like my Sue isn't a bit sqeamish about picking up such a stickery-legged, long-horned critter.

Anyhow, Susanna has made a terrarium for Barney complete with Yarrow and Service Berries, which she is carrying with her everywhere today having informed (and demonstrated) to me how much he likes to eat them.

{Sue feeding Barney a Service Berry}

I'm just glad that the same forest that produces "pets" for my children, also supplies us with the necesarry fodder to keep them happy and eating well.
The price is certainly right!

And once again, the entertainment value? Priceless!


Ashley said...

i love it! Barney the bug. :-)

Lady Jess said...

Oh, how funny!

Shauna said...

Heidi's been adopting a lot of earth worms lately and I am frequently called upon to "come see how beautiful he is."
Reminds me a bit of Mattie at around that age. Do you remember the cricket she was so proud of? She kept showing us how much it liked her and how it wouldn't run away. Upon closer inspetion we discovered she had pulled all it's legs off!

Diane said...

And I smiled. Gotta love your kids. That is pretty cute. Do you really think it was the same beetle?