Sunday, July 26, 2009


...The story of Barney Bug has not the happy ending I would have wished for, and I'm glad I posted about his pleasanter moments in life before the end of the day.

I will spare you the details, but suffice to say I had a serious talk with Susanna about "an eye for an eye..." and all that.

It's my opinion that dismemberment before death is a bit severe a penalty in return for a bug bite.
I think poor ol' Barney was trying to send the memo "I WANT to go home. ...NOW."

Anyway... assuming there's a place for bugs in Heaven, Barney probably has a real nice mansion. HA!
*(Presumably next door to Mattie's Cricket, Shauna) ;-P

I don't think Sue is ready for a kitten just yet.

* "Mattie" is my youngest sister. See Shauna's comment here;


On another note, if I had known Susanna when I was four years old, I might have been one nervous bug; but I sure would have been jealous of her big brothers!

This picture is not set up. I actually enjoyed spying on these two from across the yard one evening.

Zachary was weaving a flower into Susanna's hair while she held still so patiently. It was precious to watch, and warmed my heart:-)

I am so thankful for my camera to "capture" a few of these fleeting moments so I have something to jog my memory when the cobwebs take over!

What a lovely little girl! (I can't believe she belongs to ME!)


Diane said...

Oh, so sad! But the flower weaving in the hair is sweet! Must love the camera...keep up spying and capturing these precious moments to share. Love you.

princessmama said...

AAaaawwww!!! So sweet! I love catching those moments when they are loving on each other :)

Btw--I wouldn't trust J with a pet for sure!! He doesn't quite get that you can harm them. He squeezed his baby chick half to death trying to keep his brother from holding it. I couldn't believe it survived the encounter with no apparent harm.

Lady Jess said...

Oh, no! Poor Barney. :(

How sweet! It's always so cute when kids do things like that on their own. ^_^

2homeschool said...

Ahhh. Too precious!