Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I Have Not Been Attacked By Wild Animals...

...Unless you include the two-legged variety, and chores as animals.

No. I have fallen off the planet because my Beloved used this computer to work from home this last week, and work he did! It was wonderful to have him here. I just love having him work from home - even at the expense of blogging;-) (Pictures and goings-on when I can get my rear in gear!)

It is 4 am at the moment and I grab this solitary time because my back is in spasms. One of the companions that haunts me in my last couple pregnancies. If they're bad enough I get up and take Ibuprofen and some food just so I can get a couple more hours sleep. If you know of an alternative I'd rather try something else. I'm all ears!

Today is Zachary's 8th birthday. When I climb back into bed in a few minutes I'll probably spend a little time thinking about this day 8 years ago. There is nothing like that first first time of becoming a mom - of seeing yourself reflected in a small but real way in the face of your own child. I couldn't believe the hospital was going to take that baby home without a permit!!!

The hospital waiting room was filled up with family and some friends, and my Zachary Christian was born with a flat little nose (didn't notice at the time!). How different from the last babies with perky little noses form faster labors, and visitors that were notified AFTER baby was born.
I have been laughing because I'm 29 weeks along with this sixth little wiggle worm and have yet to have a bona fide real prenatal appointment! I have had a chance to hear his/her heart, one ultrasound, and have met the dear midwives up in Bonner's Ferry.

But Zachary...
My firstborn.
And now a real boy! No more "little" he is getting all-out BIG! that second front tooth is finally coming in; he carries his littlest sis here and there for me; fills the water jug; reads his Math assignments on his own; builds the most elaborate Lego creations...
He is just plain unwilling to stop growing for me! I've asked him to... I've asked them all. They all say the same thing - that it's impossible.
I suppose I wouldn't really want them to stop. Every age and stage is the best one. New ideas and thoughts blossoming all the time, and new opportunities to see the Lord at work in their lives as they learn to cherish one another. It is good to look back though and remember where we started:-)

I hope today is a special day for my boy!

I love you Zachary Christian - for over 8 years and counting!!!!!!! Happy Birthday:-)

All my heart,


Jess said...

Your heart echos my own.

So does your back btw! I live by my osteopath during pregnancy, even then the twinges are still there. I have an old injury in my hip as well. I try and keep as active as one can when the size of a hippo with glandular issues. Wheel barrows full of children, weeds from the garden etc. are an excellent remedy I have found! Heat packs, saying "no, I'm FINE. REALLY" through white lipped smiles - yeah, well, that's what I do, not sure if it actually HELPS or not. Praying for you out there in your wilds.

love from a heart's echo half a world a way.

jenny said...

ok 4 in the morning, that does not sound good. :( ouch.

glad the hubby has been there, that is super fun.

happy birthday to your firstborn. unbelievable! i tell mine to stop growing to, and they just giggle and threaten to grow MORE. you are so right about every age being the best.

praying for your pregnant self.

Katie said...

Happy Birthday Zachary! I was one of the privileged who sat in the waiting room at Feather River hospital waiting for your arrival. It is hard to believe that was 8 years ago! Holding you is what made us decide to go forward with plans for our next little one which is Cameron. Hope you have a great birthday!!

Grace McHugh said...

Precious, sweet memories. My heart just melts whenever I see their sleepy, smiling faces each morning. I am reminded how blessed we are to be momma's. Enjoy this wonderful day. And.........so glad you are still with us. :)

Lady Jess said...

Happy Birthday, Zach! Your momma talks about y'all so much.

How did your visit with Emma go?

Jana said...

Please tell Zachary Happy Birthday for us! He is almost a little MAN!

Gosh, I thought the not wanting them to grow feelings would get better with each baby...guess that's not the case, eh? I sure am glad all my friends are having babies this fall! I can satisfy that brand new baby craving that I've got going on right now. It sure is crazy how fast they grow in the first 8 months!!! I'm sure it only gets "worse." :)

Momma Bug said...

How blessed we are, yes?
I agree Jess, finding reasons to be thankful is the best remedy.

Katie - ah the memories:-)

Lady Jess, we had a WONDERFUL visit with Emma! The best! (With lots of hugs) and now Char and Hannah are here which is "the best" too!!
Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

Yes Jana, it only gets worse.
In the best kind of way;-)

Lady Jess said...

Coolsio! Have fun.

princessmama said...

I told Brannon I was going to put a brick on his head. He looked at me with a mixture of disgust and mischief and said "I'll still get OLDER mom!!!" LOL

Christabelle said...

I felt the same way when I took my firstborn home! No permit! I remember wondering when we were going to have to give him back and amazed we got to keep him instead.

Happy Birthday, Zachary! I hope you have a wonderful day. :-D

Holly Days Closet said...

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Holly Day