Friday, July 17, 2009

Scattered Bits of This and That

I just love this picture!
She played such lovely tunes as she sat looking so big and sweet there on the piano bench. I have video too, but video's seem to bog down the computer. They'll have to be posted one day when we visit civilization.

Here's Olivia picking Huckleberries. We hear that it's another bumper crop this year, and so with two seasons in a row we'll be disappointed to find out what's normal!

I loaded Carolina onto my back a couple times in the last few days so I could take the children berry picking, and we really had a lot of fun! The only thing was, that I had to find bushes at waist level since bending or squatting wasn't working well for me;-)

Yesterday when we went, the boys accidentally stirred up a bee's nest and poor Olie took the brunt of it with a total of three stings - two on the face and one on her arm.
I am continually impressed with the wonders of Plantain. I chewed some up and applied it to each sting with a band aid, and by evening I couldn't even tell where the stings were! No welts, no redness, nothing.

Our wild Strawberries are ripening too, and while they'd hardly be worth gathering in any quantity, they sure are tasty and the children love to search for them on the ground under the leaves. Little red jewels, like finding treasure!

Zack is a first-rate picker. For that matter, ALL the children are great berry pickers, just that some days we feel more like eating than picking, and on other days we have some special goal in mind like making syrup, or tarts in which case hardly a berry escapes from the collectors cup!

All right, last but not least - the cream of the crop:
This is berry picking at it's best!

Zachary delivered unpicked branches to his two sisters so they could pick (and eat) berries from the comfort of their own home. Who ever would have thought of it?!
Thanks my boy!


princessmama said...

I LOVE plantain too!!! I've chewed leaves to put on stings a few times already this year and am always amazed :)

We call the wild strawberies red jewels too and go on "treasure hunts" lol

Hahahaha, too cute Zac bringing berry branches to the girls :)

Diane said...

What a thoughtful boy you have. Too sweet thinking of his sister's that way! Very neat. Love you and will talk to you soon.

Lady Jess said...

What a thoughtful little man!

Jana said...

Goodness sakes, what a gentleman!

Faith Alterton said...

Beautiful shot of the piano and musician! I love little ones' melodies too. :)

2homeschool said...

Nothing so interesting going on around here. We've had 115' weather and been sick. We are doing a whole lot of sitting around.

I am finally better enough to go in public, so I made a trip to the grocery store and church. That was enough. I am still coughing.

My brain has come back though, which is a gooooood thing. so I am continuing on my adventure of filling out Goverment paperwork again. :-P

So far I am up to two forms (typed) and four extra pages typed. I have one more form to go. Then I have to actually go back and hand fill in all the forms. I just typed them up to spell check them.

Well my dear, I am off and running. Headed for some bible and school time with the kids.

Type at ya soon,I hope. ;-)