Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Olivia!

Three years ago today...
Olivia Honor - born in a hurry! She didn't give me any breaks in between contractions, but at least labor didn't last long:-) Grama and Auntie Hannah were at her birth, and I was delighted to meet this new little daughter. Since that day she has been nothing but a pleasure! A sparkle is our Olivia, a bit mischievous and sneaky, but always the charmer with her "You're the best momma in the WHOLE world Momma!" or her "You're FUNNY Daddy!"

We make birthdays a special occasion starting with breakfast and gifts in the morning. Daddy got Olivia a back pack, and the brothers and sisters contributed to filling it with treasures.


DID complete O's skirt, and found a few purple accessories to go with it:-)

Daddy and I took her out to lunch, and this evening we had the strawberry cake she asked for, except that Olivia ate the strawberries and cool whip, but never got down to the cake!
Such is the life of a birthday girl. When you've had enough, I guess you know it was a good one!
Thank you to all the precious family who called to wish O a happy birthday - you made our day that much more special.


Grace McHugh said...

Love the skirt! You amaze me! What a happy, fun day. You are a wonderful momma.

Jana said...

She's looking SO SO cute in that skirt! It looks JUST right for twirling! Beautiful! What fun!

pinamarie said...

Cute skirt!!! I want that backpack and a grown up size of the same skirt!
Birthdays are so much fun...just another reason I am thankful I am not a Jehovah's Witness :)

Momma Bug said...

What?!! jahovah's witness doesn't celebrate birthdays?!
Wow. That IS sad!

Thanks Grace, and Jana:-)
Just don't look underneath - it is a different story where the seams are seen! ;-P

Love ya~

heidi said...

Love that skirt! Some amazing seamstress must have made it. ;o)

grace said...

oh my! that skirt is precious.

Diane said...

Okay. Do you know that Purple is my favorite color?! That is THE cutest skirt ever. My birthday is in May...lol

Love you!

jenny said...

Okay, so late on posting, sorry. Check out that skirt!!!! High five from co! I will have to hear the details of how you pulled it together! I am not a big purple girl but that skirt is adorable! Great fabrics. I totally get ya on the seams. Fortunately our daughters won't notice that! She looks like she felt very special--yay momma and daddy!